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Facts & Figures

 Web Based Customer Support

Selling complex products and services are the two major challenges being faced by online businesses. The growing horizon on the Internet invites cutthroat competition on the basis of superior customer and quality sales support. Many businesses invest a considerable amount in going online, but get little out of it because their sites are difficult to navigate for their visitors and/or the customer support response is slow. This is because many still depend exclusively on email and telephone based methods. New Web-based technology makes this inconsistency unnecessary.

Facts & Figures
Our research tells us that 94% to 97% of the new site visitors leave a website within two minutes, and completely forget about it once they leave. Additionally, more than 83% of Internet users are likely to leave a website if they feel they have to click too many times to find what they're looking for (source: Arthur Andersen) and 58% of the visitors who experience usability problems on a website don’t return (source: Forrester Research). Furthermore, according to the 2003 Online Customer Respect Study, 33% of the companies surveyed did not respond to online inquiries. Of those that did respond, 50% did so within 48 hours, 7% responded within 72 hours and 43% respond after 72 hours. These facts and figures simply go to show the importance of Live Chat on websites in terms of increasing the conversion rate of website visitors into actual customers.