Hubspot HubSpot CRM Integration Guide

To set up LiveAdmins on HubSpot, you can do it by following a few simple steps. Within the CRM you can do this through Forms or HubSpot Marketplace app. You can skip whichever step you prefer. Forms Hubspot Marketplace app (integrated with LA dashboard) Forms: Step 1: Open in your browser and login with

SalesForce Integration

LiveAdmins can be integrated into Salesforce CRM with relative ease. It also offers two different ways to integrate. You’re free to use whichever way is most convenient for you. Methods: Web-to-lead SOAP API Web-to-lead STEP 1: Login to your Salesforce account, at the top right, click Setup (gear icon) next to the Notifications (bell icon).

zoho integration Zoho CRM Integration

Follow these steps to integrate LiveAdmins Live Chat with Zoho CRM Step 1: Open on your browser, and login with your credentials. Step 2: Click on the Setup button at the top-right corner (Wrench and Screwdriver icon). Shown as (1) in Figure 1. A new page titled Setup will open up. In the search box in the center,

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