Keep Customers at the Core of Your Business How to Keep Customers at the Core of Your Business

If there is one lesson we can all learn from the past few months it is that digital transformation cannot be ignored. With unprecedented restrictions on movement and even production, small and medium-sized businesses are now looking towards technological solutions more than ever before to ensure smooth operations. Delegating online customer support inquiries to a

Brands-Image 5 Effective Ways to Boost Your Brand’s Image

A faltering brand image can be readily identified by the following: ❏ When the brand is incapable of generating customer loyalty for the business. ❏ When the employees are unable to promote the brand’s unique selling propositions (USPs) consistently. ❏ When the company fails to attract and hold on to high-caliber employees. ❏ When other

CX Strategies Hit ‘Refresh’ on Business CX Strategies

Once a business hits a comfortable stride, with a steady flow of revenue and a reliable customer base, it can feel like celebration time. It may be a bit soon to uncork the champagne, as this is where companies risk losing their hard-earned momentum. A customer-centric organization will want to avoid the complacency trap at

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