Sales Techniques 5 Psychological Triggers that Can Help You Sell More

Influencing the decisions of your target customers depends primarily on how well you understand them and their needs. While every customer you come across is different, the emotional triggers for most people are essentially the same. If you want to persuade your target audience you need to identify what is important to them. Humans are

handaling online customers How to Handle Different Kinds of Customers Online

You are likely to come across different types of customers while selling online. In order to deliver great service experience and build a strong customer base, your support team should change their approach while talking to different customers. Catering to the needs of customers involves understanding their expectations and offering them the right kind of

Online Customer Acquisition Strategy 5 Tips to Devise an Effective Online Customer Acquisition Strategy

Acquiring new customers requires a well-planned strategy in order to apply efforts in the right direction. Before designing your online customer acquisition strategy, ask yourself these questions: is your product/service ready to cater to needs of new customers?  Do you have a reliable online support system to facilitate new users? Will the experience be good

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