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Eight-step action plan for e-commerce websites to ace customer service

A human being’s economic and social life primarily revolves around meeting one’s basic survival needs. When the human race came into being, survival was defined by the presence of food, shelter and clothing. As the world evolved, the traditional list extended to include the likes of sanitation, healthcare, education and psychological needs. It is safe

proactive customer service

4 Simple Tips to Provide Proactive Customer Service

When your business has to help customers, there are two ways to go about it. On one hand you can sit back and wait for them to get in touch with you to seek assistance or you can be proactive and reach out to them. A business that is proactive identifies the need and makes

Customer Service Mistakes

4 Customer Service Mistakes You Should Never Make

Businesses make certain mistakes that frustrate customers and they end up abandoning them for a competitor. This could be anything from not being available when the customer needs you, to not effectively resolving their issue due to untrained support staff. Not offering them the experience you promised and failing to meet their expectations will eventually

Customer-Friendly Culture

4 Ways to Implement a Customer-Friendly Culture

Whether you are a startup or a large scale business, you will have to implement a customer-friendly culture within your company. This is necessary to help you create more meaningful and stronger relationships with your customers in order to grow your business. A customer-friendly culture can be achieved by being open, projecting positive gestures and


3 Basic Steps to Deliver Your Brand Promise

‘Actions speak louder than words’ holds true when it comes to delivering brand promises to your customers. Creating a strong brand is more than just a flashy logo or a catchy slogan. It is a promise, a commitment that you make with your consumers. Everything that a brand believes in and acts on, and every


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