Customer Service

How to Create a Memorable Live Chat Experience

Offering quality customer service is crucial to the long term success of a business. Providing customers with a memorable experience will help improve brand loyalty and create positive word of mouth.

6 Scenarios Where Live Chat Can Help Your Business

Live chat is essential for businesses to interact with online customers in real-time. It is like the front desk for a company in a digital environment.

Tips for Online Retailers to Enhance Customer Retention

Customer retention is a primary goal for all businesses. With the increasing cost of customer acquisition, businesses need to focus more on retaining current clients.

5 Smart Sales Strategies to help you Engage More Customers

Attracting and acquiring new customers is always a challenge. Most customers these days conduct research online, compare and analyze different product features and prices before making a buying decision.

3 Things Live Chat Agents Should Never do

Live Chat is being used by businesses to connect with online visitors, ensure better lead generation and more ROI. Live chat agents can help a business build stronger relationships with online visitors by enhancing their experience.

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