Online Retailers

3 Key Customer Experience Problems that Baffle Online Retailers

We live in a time where just about everything is done online: whether it is chatting with friends, shopping for gifts, researching work opportunities, or even learning new skills. The internet enables consumers to ‘virtually’ search for solutions without taking a single step out the door. While the online marketplace provides unmatchable convenience for the

Online Shopping Experience

3 Easy Ways to Improve Online Shopping Experience for Customers

The internet has changed the way people connect, communicate and even purchase. For online businesses, engaging with customers to offer a better experience on the website has become a prerequisite to stay a step ahead. Focusing on customer needs and serving them according to their preference is essential in making the shopping experience memorable and to ensure they keep coming back.

Attract More Customers This Holiday Season

How to Attract More Customers this Holiday Season

Holiday season is one of the busiest and most profitable time for majority of businesses. Everyone wants to celebrate and give each other meaningful gifts.

Happy thanksgiving day 2016

4 Tips on Offering a Memorable Customer Experience This Thanksgiving

The essence of Thanksgiving is showing gratitude and appreciation towards one another.

How Understanding Psychology Can Help You Sell More

If you want to sell more, you need to know what your customers want and expect. Understanding the psychology of your target audience will help you devise your marketing strategy and tweak your offers according to their needs. Marketers should have a basic insight into buying behavior of prospective customers they are targeting; focusing on

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