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3 Key Customer Service Challenges Real Estate Firms Face

Real estate is one of the few industries that requires a customer to make a substantial upfront investment of both their time and their money. This simply cannot take place without the real estate firm first earning the customer’s trust with exceptional customer service. Clients expect white-glove treatment before, during, and after a property deal

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Benefits of Live Chat for Real Estate Businesses

Businesses are constantly trying to build a strong online presence in order to facilitate customers in a more efficient and convenient way. The real estate industry is no different as customers are searching for property and looking for more information online. For any business, the need for communicating with customers and understanding their needs is

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Live Chat- An Essential Tool for Real Estate Industry

Real estate buyers are often looking for real-time customer support to get answers to any issues or queries they might have while searching for property on the website. Real estate customers ask various questions which may include affordability, upfront payment, guidance regarding the property investment, monthly or annual payments, mortgages and much more. All these