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Event branding

4 Tips on Event Branding for Small Businesses

For small businesses, event branding can turn out to be an effective way of pitching a business idea to potential clients. It is also a smart way of giving away items that can serve as reminders of your business. However, event branding involves more than just marketing your business and distributing promotional giveaways; without creating

Public Relations

5 Steps for Launching a PR Campaign for Your New Business

A well planned marketing strategy is an important aspect that new businesses focus upon. While this is essential for a new company, a well-thought out public relations plan can help your new business grow by fostering goodwill with prospective customers. Designing a PR campaign involves a combination of various activities, for instance using media effectively


6 Tips for Startups to win the First 100 Customers

While launching a new business venture, the most challenging endeavor is to win over customers. However, if you succeed in earning loyalty of your first hundred customers, your business is likely to survive. While using your resources wisely, you can adopt a smart strategy to create a striking impression of your brand on the first

creative marketing

7 Creative Marketing Ideas that can Work Wonders for your Business

Today, customers are more demanding, empowered and social. They are also weary of traditional marketing gimmicks which means you have to be creative and innovative in your marketing approach. Being creative does not necessarily require a huge marketing budget, you need to keep in view the demographics and psychographics of your target audience and use

Advertising Campaign

Essentials of an Impactful Advertising Campaign

For every business one of the most challenging endeavors is to devise a striking and result oriented advertising strategy. If you want your ad campaign to be compelling enough to seek the attention of the target audience, it needs to have innovation and the “wow” factor. There are multiple ways to advertise your product/service these

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