Digital Customers

How to Improve Your Online Business

How to Enhance Every Step of Customer Buying Cycle

The Customer Buying Cycle (CBC) is a progression of the consumer journey from the initial phase of identifying the need for a certain product/service to post-purchase. Understanding CBC is important for businesses wanting to provide the best outcome to prospects through the entire customer journey. Generally, it is a five-point trail consisting of Awareness, Research,

Happy thanksgiving day 2016

4 Tips on Offering a Memorable Customer Experience This Thanksgiving

The essence of Thanksgiving is showing gratitude and appreciation towards one another.

engage online customers

5 Smart Sales Strategies to help you Engage More Customers

Attracting and acquiring new customers is always a challenge. Most customers these days conduct research online, compare and analyze different product features and prices before making a buying decision.

Digital Customers

5 Things You Need to Know About Digital Customers

Technology has evolved tremendously over the past decade. As a result, customer behavior has changed as well. Digital customers of today are more tech savvy and expect quick and quality service from businesses.

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