Increase Customer Engagement

Online Customer Acquisition Strategy

5 Tips to Devise an Effective Online Customer Acquisition Strategy

Acquiring new customers requires a well-planned strategy in order to apply efforts in the right direction. Before designing your online customer acquisition strategy, ask yourself these questions: is your product/service ready to cater to needs of new customers?  Do you have a reliable online support system to facilitate new users? Will the experience be good

Generate More Leads Online

3 Tips for Generating More Leads Online

For any business, getting new customers is as important as retaining old ones. Think about the number of people who visit your website on a daily basis. More than half of them are likely to never come back or try to interact with you regarding your products and services. This is why it is imperative

behaviour tracking

Why Understanding Visitor Behavior is Essential for Your Business

In order to understand your customers, the phrase “walk in the customer’s’ shoes” comes in handy. In the last few years, several innovative tools and techniques have been developed to analyze the behavior of online customers. Live Chat is one of the best ways to learn what online visitors landing on your website want, resulting

Customer Feedback

4 Most Engaging Channels to Collect Online Customer Feedback

One of the biggest challenges for businesses is to collect customer feedback. Most customers find it a hassle to fill out surveys, since they include too many questions or are sometimes too confusing. What is the best way to gather feedback online in order to understand what your customers want? Using new channels and techniques

Business Communication

Tips on Making your Business Communication More Interactive

The basic principles of communication you promote within your organization and the way you interact with customers is responsible for strengthening your relationship with them and ensuring customer loyalty. Having a comprehensive communication strategy for different channels is crucial for better interaction. In this regard, understanding the needs and expectations of customers is the first

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