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About Us

Since 2002, LiveAdmins LLC has been providing online sales and live customer support to businesses around the globe through its flagship service; WebGreeter – A multilingual 24-7 live chat service.


Through our experience we have developed customizable WG Live Chat software solution to enhance our capabilities of providing online sales and instant customer chat support not only internally, but also to businesses that prefer providing customer service themselves.


LiveAdmins LLC, in 2006, also initiated a system of all-round provision of solutions by the name of ‘WG Web Solutions’, especially for online businesses. This is a comprehensive service that efficiently deals with Internet Marketing, Web Development and Graphic Designing in addition to providing other forms of creative online marketing strategies for businesses.


500 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 600, Chicago, IL 60611

Our Mission

LiveAdmins LLC’s mission is to provide you with high quality services and solutions that better execute business processes over the internet, thereby maximizing efficiency, improving customer service and minimizing costs to make your business the very best.

LiveAdmins believes in

  • Practically implementing conventional theory by translating it into a workable strategy
  • Creating a business that allows for flexibility to tackle any change in the environment.
  • Relying on trustworthy market data attained from reliable sources after thorough research.
  • Delivering exactly what our clients demand.
  • Offering value adding products and services, including customized deals.
  • Using the best available live chat technology to facilitate our customers to the fullest. Use of advanced technology is, however, in no way a substitute for business and market knowledge.
  • Securing a working relationship by offering impeccable customer service and a lasting impression.