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I’m the world’s only multilingual, industry-specific chat bot.
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A ChatBot That Works? Yep. It’s true.

What happens when you combine over 20 years of online chat experience with Artificial Intelligence? It’s a tech dream come true. Powered by LiveAdmins, Pebble is the only multilingual chat bot that’s been built by a team that provides world-class online chat service to all kinds of industries globally.

Pebble is built upon a Natural Language Processing (NLP) based system that uses Deep Learning to classify intents, recognize entities and manage dialogues. That’s as much technical knowledge you need to get started with Pebble. No other coding needed. It’s beautiful. And it works.

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The World’s First Industry-specific ChatBot

  • Automotive
    • Automatic lead capturing
    • Promote special offers
    • Send personalized messages
    • Fallback protection
    • Set appointments
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  •  Education
    • Provide instant support for students
    • Segregate leads by department
    • Integration with Facebook
    • Handle multiple inquiries
    • Connect with admin team
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  •  Law
    • Provide 24/7 support
    • Route urgent inquiries instantly
    • Keep sensitive information safe
    • Set up meetings
    • Get alerts in your CRM
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  • Solar
    • Get more qualified leads
    • Send targeted messages to visitors
    • Facebook / WhatsApp integration
    • Send visitor info to your CRM
    • Send special offers
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  • Customize it
    Customize it
    • Can’t find what you’re looking for?
    • Customize your bot now.
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Supercharge Your Sales Cycle

45% Redundant questions

56% Faster Responses

32% More meaningful

24/7%Backend support

100% Chat Availability

35% Better customer

You have our Support!

Our fast and efficient support teams will be there to help you with the implementation and any technical questions you may have. We’ve got you!

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