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LiveAdmins bridges the gap between businesses and their online visitors. We offer a platform for the Real Estate Industry where clients find properties that meet their budget and requirements, and have their queries addressed.

We promise your clients a memorable customer experience by going the extra mile.

Identify Visitors Location

Identify visitors' location

Pinpoint precise location of your prospective clients so you know them better.

Offer Real Time Assistance

Offer real time assistance

Meaningfully engage with clients and answer their questions in real time.

Get New Lead Alerts

Get new lead alerts

Get new lead alerts as soon as there is an opportunity on your website.

Chat in Multiple Languages

Chat in multiple languages

We speak more than 6 global languages so every potential client is catered to.

Streamline Your Bottom Line

Streamline your bottom line

Increase your Marketing Return on Investment by as much as 23%.

Why Your Business Needs Live Chat

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5 Secrets Of Live Chat That No One Tells You About

LiveAdmins offers a platform for the Real Estate Industry where clients can get their questions answered and find properties that meet their budget. See how we can help your business.

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Some of our leading clients are from the real estate industry. We have conducted 7 million chats for our real estate clients, and achieved 83% customer satisfaction.


Worldwide Agents

15 Million Chats

87% Thumbs Up

Over 13,000


Frequently Asked Questions

Does the service stop if there is a problem?

The service is designed not to stop no matter what problem may occur. Unless there is a problem with the client’s website, any issues can be solved at a moment’s notice by fixing bugs or by transferring workload to another location.

How soon can we get possession of the property?

Someone from our relationship managing team will get back to your concern at the earliest, and you can get possession as soon as you sign the contract.

Do we provide specialized advice to visitors online?

No, our chat agents are not qualified to provide specialized advice to visitors, they can only direct visitors to information on your website which is provided by your company.

Can I get additional pictures of the listings?

Yes, by getting in touch with the owner of the property, you can get access to additional pictures.

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