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Cognitive Biases

How to Use Cognitive Biases for Marketing Your Brand

Cognitive biases are present in the human mind and often drive behavior without people being aware of it. These subconscious catalysts act impromptu whenever there is a decision that needs to be made. Hence, it is essential that your marketing team is familiar with these important cognitive biases which may already be impacting your lead

Brand Persona

3 Essentials for Creating a Successful Brand Persona

Brand personality includes characteristics with which consumers can identify a company. Naturally, just as people connect on a deeper level with other people with similar traits as their own, they also tend to connect well with brands with which they share a common trait. The persona of a brand helps in shaping customers’ sentiments for

Use Design Thinking for Business

How to Use Design Thinking for Your Business

Design thinking is a process wherein creative strategies are deployed to find the best possible solution meticulously picked from potential resolutions. Though coined as a design term, it has extensive application in scenarios that involve identifying an issue and coming up with solutions. In recent times, design thinking has been adopted by businesses as their

customer service

4 Ideas to Offer More Personalized Service to Customers

In order to ensure customer retention, businesses need to engage customers better by offering more personalized solutions and services to them. In this regard, analyzing data and utilizing it to provide more tailored service is important to increase business profitability in the future. When it comes to data, it must be used sensibly and in

make your cusomers happy

How To Get Customers To Say ‘Yes’?

Yes, you deserve a raise. Yes, I will make a donation to your cause. Yes, you can take the day off. Wouldn’t it be marvelous to get a positive response to everything? As unrealistic as it may sound, there is a way to get to hear those three magic letters. Many of us equate the

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