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customer through content

How to Connect with Customers through Content

Creating valuable content is one of the best ways to communicate with your audience. Every business has its own strategy when it comes to producing content. A lot of planning and attention is required in order to deliver content which engages the audience and gets the right results. Some people learn better by reading while


3 Basic Steps to Deliver Your Brand Promise

‘Actions speak louder than words’ holds true when it comes to delivering brand promises to your customers. Creating a strong brand is more than just a flashy logo or a catchy slogan. It is a promise, a commitment that you make with your consumers. Everything that a brand believes in and acts on, and every

Social Platform

How to Optimize Your Content for Social Platforms

We are living in an era where millions of customers breathe in the same digital space. A plethora of data about anything you can think of, is just a click away. Now put yourself in the customers’ shoes. Being constantly bombarded with voluminous marketing content on social media platforms is annoying. So how can you

Cognitive Biases

How to Use Cognitive Biases for Marketing Your Brand

Cognitive biases are present in the human mind and often drive behavior without people being aware of it. These subconscious catalysts act impromptu whenever there is a decision that needs to be made. Hence, it is essential that your marketing team is familiar with these important cognitive biases which may already be impacting your lead

Brand Persona

3 Essentials for Creating a Successful Brand Persona

Brand personality includes characteristics with which consumers can identify a company. Naturally, just as people connect on a deeper level with other people with similar traits as their own, they also tend to connect well with brands with which they share a common trait. The persona of a brand helps in shaping customers’ sentiments for


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