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Automotive Dealerships

Guide to Must-Have Tech for Automotive Dealerships

These days our fingers essentially do the ‘walking’ and ‘talking’ for us. How so? A tap here and a click there on the smartphone and all your errands are squared away! In fact, about 88 percent of customers conduct their pre-purchase research exclusively online , especially for larger, more expensive items like cars. Not only are

Tips for Successfully Marketing a Travel Services Business

Perhaps it was the third reading of ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ or a recent trek up through the local hiking trails that did it, either way you are now ready to launch a travel service business. Like many entrepreneurs before you, the allure of combining your love for travel with a lucrative business model has proven

Online Retailers

3 Key Customer Experience Problems that Baffle Online Retailers

We live in a time where just about everything is done online: whether it is chatting with friends, shopping for gifts, researching work opportunities, or even learning new skills. The internet enables consumers to ‘virtually’ search for solutions without taking a single step out the door. While the online marketplace provides unmatchable convenience for the

LiveAdmins on Qura

LiveAdmins Makes Capterra’s Top 20 Most Popular Live Chat Software List for 2018

We are excited to announce that LiveAdmins has been named in Capterra’s Top 20 Most Popular Live Chat Software list for 2018. Capterra, a go-to online resource for business software, just published results from its independent assessment of over 200 live chat software products. LiveAdmins Live Chat Software, our proprietary live chat solution, ranks at

Millennials Love Live Chat

More Than Chit-Chat: Why Millennials Love Live Chat

With the advent of Instagram and Twitter hashtags, the era of the millennials is clearly upon us. They have defined this period in history with their keen sense of social justice and a preference for swift communication. You may be wondering how does live chat services figure into this equation. Millennials expect and consistently ask


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