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Multiple Content Streams

Keeping Your Brand On-Point with Multiple Content Streams

What are the odds that a billboard advertisement will immediately convert someone walking down the street into a customer for a makeup brand? There are so many steps before they can actually make the purchase: find a store that sells that particular range of makeup, browse through the options, try out a few products and

Angry Customers

5 Rituals for Communicating Effectively with Angry Customers

It isn’t always easy to help someone who is angry and frustrated. For those working in customer service, dealing with angry customers is an essential part of the job.  No one enjoys being in a situation where they are being yelled at. It takes a great amount of patience and professionalism to know how to

Marketing Mistakes

4 Marketing Blunders to Watch Out for in 2018

In 2017, a leading international soda brand’s insufficiently researched television ad led to a major backlash from fans and critics alike. Their social media accounts were bombarded with messages demanding an apology from the brand for being ‘insensitive’.  Another well-known company, this time a social media giant, offended online users when it used the site

Customer Feedback

4 Ways to Get Quality Feedback from Your Customers

To be able to deliver an amazing customer experience and live up to customer expectations, you must listen to client feedback. This will help you build stronger relationships, reduce churn, halt recurring complaints, improve quality, increase satisfaction and make better business decisions. So how do you find out if you’re doing a good job or

Customers Stay On Your Website

What Makes Customers Stay On Your Website?

To effectively engage customers on your website, you need to first identify what makes visitors decide to stay on a specific page. Besides having relevant content, it is important to make the website visually appealing as well to catch the attention of customers. There are numerous elements which can be infused into your web design


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