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The 5 Secret Ingredients to a Sound Digital Strategy

Being easier to access and having immense visibility, digital media has become one of the best ways to market your brand. Strengthening brand presence through this medium requires creating a unique identity in the mind of the digital customer. Viral stories, generating hype and targeting the right audience through demographics is the way forward to

How to Enhance Online Customer Journey Experience with Live Chat

The moment a customer lands on a website, every interaction needs to be impactful in order to offer a pleasant experience. Adding live chat to the website can help businesses improve the customer journey and build stronger connections. This is similar to having support staff in brick-and-mortar stores to assist visitors with their needs. Online

How to Enhance Every Step of Customer Buying Cycle

The Customer Buying Cycle (CBC) is a progression of the consumer journey from the initial phase of identifying the need for a certain product/service to post purchase. Understanding CBC is important for businesses wanting to provide the best outcome to prospects through the entire customer journey. Generally, it is a five point trail consisting of

3 Easy Ways to Improve Online Shopping Experience for Customers

The internet has changed the way people connect, communicate and even purchase. For online businesses, engaging with customers to offer a better experience on the website has become a prerequisite to stay a step ahead. Focusing on customer needs and serving them according to their preference is essential in making the shopping experience memorable and to ensure they keep coming back.

How to Attract More Customers this Holiday Season

Holiday season is one of the busiest and most profitable time for majority of businesses. Everyone wants to celebrate and give each other meaningful gifts.

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