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Capturing the Powersports Customer Online

If your business operates in the motorsports and powersports marketplace, you are well aware that getting customers to cross the threshold is a considerable challenge. Another significant obstacle is the quickly ageing powersports consumer market. They are less likely to use powersports vehicles the closer they get to their 50’s, and 60’s. Powersports manufacturers and

Real estate

Charting Real Estate’s Future with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

In 2019, the real estate business is much more than a location, a neighborhood, the total number of rooms, the style of architecture, and the final asking price. The abundance of information readily available online has essentially disrupted the market. The latest technology, simpler communication platforms, and increasingly sophisticated consumers – all three aspects have

Applying 'Super Skills' to Customer Service

Applying ‘Super Skills’ to Customer Service

Departmental stores often use signature scents to bolster their brand’s image. Another benefit of scent marketing is that it connects an individual store with the entire franchise. Whether you are shopping for a checkered button-down shirt in Chicago or for a pair of olive-green khakis in Dubai, the store’s proprietary fragrance forms an essential part

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Empathy Mapping Across Customer Experience Touchpoints

Empathy is now a business requirement. To keep improving your company’s customer experience, it’s important to consider the customer’s point of view. Exercising empathy allows individuals to interact with each other with increased compassion and understanding. Not only that, exercising empathy also improves one’s critical thinking and overall problem-solving abilities. That is why fostering empathy

3 Meaningful Customer Engagement Strategies for Real Estate Firms

3 Meaningful Customer Engagement Strategies for Real Estate Firms

Gone are the days of searching the classifieds for promising listings; prospective homeowners are now turning to the web to locate their future homes. According to a National Association of Realtors survey, more than 55% of homebuyers 36 years of age (or younger) found their new residences online. With a large variety of real estate

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