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COVID-19 crisis

How small businesses can deal effectively with COVID-19 crisis?

COVID-19 has had hard-hitting consequences on everything and everyone. Not just individuals’ health is at risk but businesses are also under siege from this threat—especially small businesses. While governments around the globe are tirelessly struggling to contain it, many small business owners are saying that they are dealing with the adverse effects of this outbreak.

Customer Analysis – Understanding your Customers better

Customer Analysis – Understanding your Customers better

One of the biggest reasons for customers getting frustrated is when their shopping experience feels impersonal and not customized to their needs. Every customer has their unique needs, likes-dislikes, preferences, and style. This is where the need for customer analysis comes in—adopting qualitative and quantitative methods in order to better understand your customer base. Knowing

Brand Messaging

How to Craft Powerful Brand Messaging

What is that one secret that connects people with brands? The answer is simple; Brand Messaging! It is the single most powerful component that enables brands to differentiate themselves from competitors. In simpler terms, Brand Messaging refers to the content you write and how it conveys the underlying value proposition of your business. If the

6 Principles to Follow for Promoting Quality Customer Service

6 Principles to Follow for Promoting Quality Customer Service

Customers can make or break your business. Your audience has all the power, so it is a prerequisite to focus on their satisfaction. Providing quality customer service is, thus, an essential part of any business. Listening to your customer’s queries and answering them with precision and empathy is important. This will enhance your brand reputation

Keep Customers at the Core of Your Business

How to Keep Customers at the Core of Your Business

If there is one lesson we can all learn from the past few months it is that digital transformation cannot be ignored. With unprecedented restrictions on movement and even production, small and medium-sized businesses are now looking towards technological solutions more than ever before to ensure smooth operations. Delegating online customer support inquiries to a

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