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Customer Service Role

Applying Design-thinking to a Customer Service Role

This may come as a surprise, but the formula for success is firmly rooted in failure. In order to keep improving, it is necessary for a business to first recognize and then map out its weaknesses. Not only that, but they must also keep in mind the customer’s feedback while designing products and services. This is

Make Your B2B Website More User-friendly

How to Make Your B2B Website More User-friendly

Every single business-to-business (B2B) website is developed to achieve one (or all) of the following goals: to make a sale, to generate a lead, and to attract the right kind of web traffic. One way to create the perfect B2B website is by ensuring its user-friendliness. A ‘user-friendly’ website can be easily accessed and navigated

Effective CX Methodology Looks Like in 2019

What An Effective CX Methodology Looks Like in 2019

From Customer Journey to Customer Loyalty, the path towards winning Customer Experience (CX) is rife with challenges. Recent studies predict that by the year 2020, less than a year away, purchasing behavior is more likely to be determined by the overall customer experience rather than the pricing. Now, more than ever, customers are the most

Retail Customer Experience

Make Your Retail Customer Experience More Interactive

With each passing day, technological advancements have a new and deeper impact on our lives. No sphere of human existence has escaped technology’s pervasive impact – from how we eat, when we go to sleep, and even how we commute. The same goes for how we shop. With a prevalence of digital ‘storefronts’, consumers are

How Content Marketing Impacts Customer Retention

Sticking Power: How Content Marketing Impacts Customer Retention

Nothing compares to the buying power of a repeat customer. Ask any marketing guru and they will agree that a high customer retention rate keeps a company in the green. Content marketing plays a pivotal role in gaining and retaining a company’s customer base. Whether it is through an emotional ad spot or an interactive

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