Is Your Service a Millennial Must-Have?

Is Your Service a Millennial Must-Have?

Good or bad, customer experiences are now being shared online more than ever before. From these experiences, other consumers determine which brands are worth spending their hard-earned time and money on. Millennials, meaning those born between the years 1981 and 1996, are now the largest group of consumers in the world. According to The Boston Consulting Group’s research, millennials are more likely to review a brand’s service or product (64%) than non-millennials (46%). This means twice the effort is required to make sure your brand is “millennial-worthy”.

Speed, personalization, and instantaneous support – these are some of the features that consumers look for in a customer service interaction. Go through this checklist and determine whether your service meets millennial expectations:



Can your company deliver quick responses? Does your organization guarantee the end-user with almost instantaneous access to the information they need? Gone are the days of waiting on the phone for a response to a simple query. Emails can also cause delays as crafting a response takes more than mere minutes, especially for a complex request. Customer service solutions, such as live chat services, are in demand since they provide rapid response support.



Ask a shopper in the self-checkout lane at the supermarket and they will tell you that they prefer it for the convenience it provides. Thanks to modern technological advances, the benefits of self-service options extend into traditional customer support scenarios as well. The technology behind customer support needs to be proactive without completely taking over the interaction. A streamlined customer service interaction empowers the online visitor. 



Accenture reports that a whopping 68% of millennials demand integrated, seamless experiences which is available on all possible platforms. Luckily, the  live chat service providers now have integration options available in their software.



Despite what it looks like, not everything in business needs to move at the speed of light. 

Generic answers and automated replies miss the mark when it comes to millennial customers. They prefer an authentic, human element to exist within their customer service-related conversations – be it through email or live chat. It is not only the millennials though. The generation born after 1996, called Generation Z, also prefers actual conversations over formal, template-based replies.

Expectations from brands are at an all-time high for millennials. Research suggests that millennials will easily switch over from one brand to another if they have a poor customer experience. Solutions such as live chat are in constant demand by millennials. Constant accessibility, 24/7 hour service, and multilingual live chat support – these are all features that ensure that an organization is satisfying their most exacting customers. 

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