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Andy Mesa

General Manager

Henderson Harley-Davidson

"I was skeptical at first and I’m happy to say they delivered great results. Their team is very responsive and in touch with their dealers. They do a great job and I am extremely happy we partnered up with them."

Mario Volpi

Chief Sales Officer

Kensington Exclusive Properties

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“When a customer visits our website, a window quickly pops up where LiveAdmins is there to help them. We are happy to work with them to improve the customer service journey especially online."

Zarah Evans

Managing Partner

Exclusive Links

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“I think one of the key features of LiveAdmins is certainly the chat transcript that gets sent to us because that gives us details of the actual conversation that has taken place with our customer, giving us a lead in to our conversation that we are going to have in the follow-up.”

Jeff Strachan

Business Development Director

Dubai College of Tourism

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“We have found LiveAdmins to be very amiable and approachable and a great partner for the processes and programs that we have wanted to implement here at Dubai College of Tourism.”


Head of Corporate Communications

The Entertainer

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"The experience of the whole journey of working with LiveAdmins has been a completely seamless process for us. Response times are good. Feedback is good. It's a really important part of our customer service channel. And I definitely will recommend LiveAdmins to other businesses."


Managing Director

The BizMarketing Group

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"LiveAdmins helps us generate more leads by providing excellent customer service to our website visitors 24/7. We have more visitors in the evening, when we are not working and that is when we really needed help handling those customers just as professionally as we would do in our business hours, and connecting them with the relevant person in our organization as and when required."

Gemma Kennedy

Company Formation Specialist


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"LiveAdmins is very adaptable with our client needs. Whenever we want to release a new promotion or change our information that we release to our clients, that is always very quickly updated and our clients are regularly informed. It has made it a lot faster and efficient in regards to our client interactions. We would recommend LiveAdmins to any business wanting to start up,"

Haitham Almaaini

Head of Graduate Recruitment

University of Dubai

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"LiveAdmins has added value to University of Dubai, because we are there to serve people online 24/7. If anyone has a question, he can go online and will find someone who he can reach. We would recommend LiveAdmins to anyone because it will excel their customer service and their presence online."


Chief Executive Officer

SPF Realty

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"The interaction with LiveAdmins has been fantastic. It's been extremely good. I would definitely recommend it to friends and associates. Not only from the real estate industry but even in other businesses."

Walter Reaves

Criminal Defense Attorney

The Law Office of Walter M. Reaves JR.

"Few years ago, I decided to add Live Chat to my website. After evaluating different vendors, I decided to go with the LiveAdmins. I couldn't have made a better choice. They have done a fantastic job and worked with me to come up with a script, and have been happy to make changes along the way. Whatever questions we have, they answer it."

Shoeb Sharieff


Ijara Marketing, LLC

"We aimed to increase leads by 30%. We were thrilled when it resulted in a net increase of over 60% in the first 6 months. That was beyond our expectations in terms of cost savings and the short time it took to achieve it. What we appreciated most was their ability to adapt to the needs of our unique implementation, keep everyone happy, and deliver the expected results."

Lori Martin

Customer Care Specialist

Something Special Deli-Foods Ltd.

"We have used LiveAdmins for over three years. Our customers receive Courteous, prompt and accurate information from the web greeters - delivered with a human touch. We have no hesitation recommending LiveAdmins to any business interested in enhancing customer service by incorporating a high-quality live chat service on their website."

Paul Kranze

Marketing Specialist

Orion International

"We have been using LiveAdmins's service for over five years and are very satisfied with the results. They are great to work with, very receptive to edits to our web chat, and implement changes promptly. The WebGreeter service has added a lot of value to our website and continues to provide an additional way to deliver excellent customer service to our candidates and clients,"


Chief Operating Officer


"Live Chat has far exceeded any expectation we had envisioned when integrating their unique platform to our website. We are now going on our sixth year using their service. It's like they are a part of the company now and they treat our customers the same way. Business would not be the same without them. I highly recommend their service for anyone wanting to greet customers in real-time and give them a first class experience on your website."

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