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Mike Kruse


Kruse Law

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"The LiveAdmins chat service has increased the number of leads and new client sign ups for our firm every single month since we started with them in 2015. We would highly recommend LiveAdmins to any business looking to improve their customer service and increase their revenue."

Brian Potter

Director of Marketing

A.M. Sun Solar

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"One word or phrase that best describes our relationship with LiveAdmins would be value. We’ve already paid for the service multiple times over with the sales that we’ve made through our website chat, and through the customers that we’ve helped. It’s a very valuable service and we’re going to continue to use them. I’m very glad that we made the decision to go with them."

Wade Greene

Regional Manager

King's Jewelry

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"LiveAdmins is making a difference for us by capturing customers, finding out what they're looking for, giving us a lot of data that we were missing before and giving us a place where we're able to reach out to them."


Head of Corporate Communications

The Entertainer

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"The experience of the whole journey of working with LiveAdmins has been a completely seamless process for us. Response times are good. Feedback is good. It's a really important part of our customer service channel. And I definitely will recommend LiveAdmins to other businesses."

Haitham Almaaini

Head of Graduate Recruitment

University of Dubai

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"LiveAdmins has added value to University of Dubai, because we are there to serve people online 24/7. If anyone has a question, he can go online and will find someone who he can reach. We would recommend LiveAdmins to anyone because it will excel their customer service and their presence online."

Ryan Uy

Director of Marketing

2010 Office Furniture

"LiveAdmins provides a high level of support to us and our clients with their attentiveness, diligence and outstanding professionalism. We especially appreciate their ongoing commitment to helping us to continuously improve and adapting to change when necessary. In today’s world where everything is quickly becoming AI-driven, the human touch is becoming more of a rare commodity, and it’s wonderful to still be able to provide our customers a valuable online experience with positive human interaction."

Ellen Castle

Business Development Manager

A1A Solar Contracting, Inc.

"LiveAdmins has enabled another mode of communication via our website with our existing and potential new customers. Customers have the option of selecting SMS text as well. The operators are excellent. When we tweak our instructions, they are very quick to adapt. If there is an issue, they are quick to resolve it. I highly recommend LiveAdmins."

Eric Schneider

Director of Business Development

StraightUp Solar

"We greatly value LiveAdmins 24 hour customer chat service to start the solar journey for homeowners at any time. Their initial conversations allow our Solar Support Specialists to quickly finish our screening and reduce time to deliver a customized proposal. Thanks to our Client Success Manager's responsiveness and their team's adaptiveness to our scripts, we have a very productive, always-on application to convert leads to opportunities for our sales team."

Nataly Blanco

Director of Marketing

Kul Office Furniture

"LiveAdmins has exceptional chat agents, helping us almost double our leads in 4 Years. After working with them, we have seen a remarkable transformation in our lead generation efforts, resulting in a substantial increase in sales. These chat agents are incredibly efficient and effective. They provide prompt and accurate responses, impressing customers with their personalized and attentive support. LiveAdmins integrates seamlessly with our CRM system, capturing crucial information that helps us fine-tune our marketing strategies. This data-driven approach has resulted in higher conversion rates and improved customer satisfaction. We highly recommend them to any business looking to enhance lead generation and provide an exceptional customer experience."

Thomas J. simeone

Managing partner/ Trial attorney

Simeone & Miller LLP.

"The service at LiveAdmins is excellent. Our account representative is pro-active, attentive, and extremely easy to contact and work with. He continually monitors our account and comes up with creative ways to improve the chat experience for our web visitors so that we have more engagement and a better business result. I feel confident that our chat service is well-managed, which allows me to focus on other things. I highly recommend LiveAdmins."

Evan Morris

Analyst and Marketing Strategist

Corvus Janitorial Systems

"After evaluating many web chat solutions, we chose to partner with the team at LiveAdmins. Their chat software is sleek, easy-to-use, and effective, but the real differentiator is their committed solutions and support team. Not only are they incredibly responsive, but they are also incredibly attentive to detail and it is clear that they truly care about the business outcomes and success of our team at Corvus Janitorial Systems. From processing leads to working with our team to improve conversion rates, we could not be happier with the solutions and service provided by the LiveAdmins team. We look forward to the future of our partnership and would highly recommend them to anyone in-need of an excellent web chat solution!"

Lee Carney

General Manager

Spokane Corporate Housing

"Our business is 24/7. LiveAdmins gives our guests a real person to talk with at all hours of the day who is intelligent and can give our guests applicable information about our product. If LiveAdmins were not there, we may lose that potential business. I have found LiveAdmins easy to work with, open to updating our script anytime, and proactive with our social media. I would certainly recommend LiveAdmins."

Susan Thompson

Agency Manager

Coldwell Banker Bermuda Realty

"I would highly recommend LiveAdmins. We receive a large volume of online chats that have led to business. People appreciate the option to chat live with someone at various hours throughout the day. It gives our clients an additional way to contact us and be heard."

Nancy Summers

Director of Sales & Marketing

Sun Light & Power

"As a solar installer in California, we rely on LiveAdmins to enable our customers to communicate with us every day. The greeters at LiveAdmins are courteous, friendly, and knowledgeable, and our customers have made comments about their pleasant experiences with them. Our client services account manager is very friendly and exceptionally responsive, and changes or revisions are made quickly. Due to the current pandemic, we are working remotely. Our customers can call us but many choose to interact with our LiveAdmins chat feature instead. We have received leads that have resulted in sales through LiveAdmins, and we consider their team to be part of our team."

Sherren Harter

Director of Marketing

Freedom Solar Power

"We evaluated a number of web chat solutions and chose LiveAdmins because their service complemented our business efforts and enabled us to provide the premium customer service we're known for - the ability for customers to reach a real person when and how they prefer. The customer success team helped us integrate the chats with our CRM and dialer, provided us with a starting point for scripts and training, and the greeters not only understood the complexities of the solar business but also provided an experience that is very customized to our company and region. Our account manager and the trainers are very responsive to our requests and changing needs, the greeters provide professional and high-quality conversations that collect all of the relevant data we need, and they are adept at fielding challenging questions. Highly recommend!"

Dwayne Lenihan

Property Manager

Annacis Lock-Up Storage

"LiveAdmins has saved our company’s time and money and has also made the company money. As a self-storage company, we get a lot of “price checkers” or “tire kickers” and since we employed LiveAdmins we have seen a drastic reduction in the amount of dead calls, allowing our staff to concentrate on actual potential customers. LiveAdmins staff is there 24/7. The feedback we receive from prospective clients, who have dealt with one of the chat operators has been very positive. It is also very easy to quickly update LiveAdmins chat agents on current specials, changes in hours, and availability, via a simple email. I would highly recommend the service."

Cherie Young


Cherie Young

"I have used LiveAdmins for many years as the front line experience for my clients. Many times clients have remarked about my live chat and that it's not a robot! LiveAdmins has helped me with a much higher conversion rate, as there is a human being ready to answer questions and I receive my chat dialogues quickly. My business has worked with other live chat products and I can say that LiveAdmins is the best, they listen and modify to my audience. They are polite to my customers and the backbone in helping me convert new business. I continue to depend on this service and recommend them to any business that wants a more "sticky" presence to their website."

Adrian Wen


18 Wheels Logistics

"LiveAdmins has been a great partner for 18 Wheels Logistics to maintain and to increase customer service levels in warehousing even in the light of COVID-19. We can communicate with customers 24 hours a day. LiveAdmins provides real responses that can interact with contacts that add a special touch to show customers we care. 18 Wheels recommends LiveAdmins highly, just visit to check out their services!"

Dawn McCool

Director of Business Development

Superior Van and Mobility

“In a world where our customers have questions 24 hours a day, partnering with LiveAdmins to facilitate continued communication after hours and when we are not available has been key. Their team is very receptive to ongoing improvement and changes as needs arise. Utilizing LiveAdmins has allowed us to further our customer service resources. I definitely recommend LiveAdmins to other businesses.”

Shishir Kathurwar

Digital Marketing Manager

East Court Ford Lincoln

"LiveAdmins team provides professional, timely, and accurate services. Apart from just providing messaging service, the account manager also provides feedback and insights to improve online customer service. From 100 chats a month, the team is now responsible for handling 600+ online queries on our Website, Facebook, and SMS. Would definitely recommend their service to other automobile dealerships."

Kyle Ritland

VP of Marketing

Sun Valley Solar Solutions

"Since working with LiveAdmins, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in website conversions and a much more engaging online experience for our customers overall – especially after hours and on weekends. The LiveAdmins team is always willing to learn more about our business in order to sharpen their skills and provide our customers with informative interactions. The team provides regular reports and also suggests new tools that can further benefit our online audience. I would not hesitate to recommend LiveAdmins to anyone working in a service-related field. They’re invaluable."

Kris Dougherty

Sales Manager

Progressive Auto Sales

"LiveAdmins has been a great asset to our sales department. We have been able to grow our Live Chat into Facebook Marketplace listings, with Facebook Messenger chat service to text service. One of the greatest features of LiveAdmins is their ability to shape the chat around our own dealership culture. When Covid-19 restrictions changed how we did business, LiveAdmins chat team conveyed all of the changes to our customers in a timely manner. I highly recommend their services to anyone interested."

Christina DiSimone

Marketing Director

Jaguar Land Rover Long Island

"What keeps us with LiveAdmins is their personal, totally customizable approach that allows us to provide real answers to our customers in real time. We also love that we have 24/7 coverage for visitors to our website, and that we are able to customize the look, feel, and functionality of the chat window. We look forward to continuing to grow with LiveAdmins."

Lakin Afolabi

Criminal Lawyer

Lakin Afolabi Law Professional Corporation

"Liveadmins ensured that a real, well-trained, person would always be responding to potential leads, providing them with professional customer service 24/7. Further, they are in frequent contact with me on a regular basis seeking ways to ensure that they are providing me with the best service. I would recommend them wholeheartedly to anyone looking to take their business to the next level."

Kelly Moakley

Marketing Coordinator

Battle Creek Harley Davidson

"LiveAdmins has been a great asset for our business. In today’s society, we are all about instant gratification so it is vital to have someone available to interact with customers 24/7. The associates are easy to work with and always reply quickly to any requests. We are reaching more customers than before and would recommend LiveAdmins to any business."

Tara Bono

Marketing Manager

SunPower by EmPower Solar

"From day one LiveAdmins has been thorough and accommodating to our company's unique needs. Their chat team and leaders are open and receptive to suggestions and feedback and we often recommend them to many other companies in our industry! I couldn't imagine NOT having this feature on our website now that we see how much traffic we are able to capture by having this there."

Amy Li

Brand Director

Sun First Solar

"Working with the LiveAdmins team has been an exceptional experience. Thanks to their support, we have significantly improved our lead capture, operating 24/7 as if we have a dedicated in-house representative. This has been a great investment for us, showing strong returns."

Dara Bortman

VP Marketing & Sales

Exact Solar

"LiveAdmins has definitely increased and improved our connection with incoming website traffic. The LiveAdmins chat feature has brought us some great leads that might have been lost otherwise. We've found the "chatters" to be extremely friendly, responsive, and accurate while engaging with visitors on our website. We consider them to be a part of our Exact Solar team!"

Dustin Leibel

Internet Merchandiser

Penticton Toyota

"Reliable, consistent, and an excellent return on investment. LiveAdmins allows our customer to have a quick, professional guide to our website. This is a must have if you want to convert more clicks to leads. The chat helpers have always been very professional and helpful. The design is nice, modern, and seamless. Their team works with our website providers and they accomplish tasks in an effective and efficient manner."

Walter Murphy

Director of Inside Sales

SunPower by Venture Solar

"Working with LiveAdmins has been easy and productive. They mastered our scripts and FAQs in a few days and now we have 24 hour coverage for job seekers, existing clients, and prospective customers who come across our website. This allowed us to capture more business and significantly improve our reaction time for customer service questions."

Mike Minarchi

Internet Manager

ArrKann Trailer and RV

"Nothing but good things to say about LiveAdmins from ArrKann RV! Fast, prompt service from their staff, always willing to adapt and change their scripts or take feedback, and easy to use software for our staff!"

Andy Mesa

General Manager

Henderson Harley-Davidson

"I was skeptical at first and I’m happy to say they delivered great results. Their team is very responsive and in touch with their dealers. They do a great job and I am extremely happy we partnered up with them."

Shoeb Sharieff


Ijara Marketing, LLC

"We aimed to increase leads by 30%. We were thrilled when it resulted in a net increase of over 60% in the first 6 months. That was beyond our expectations in terms of cost savings and the short time it took to achieve it. What we appreciated most was their ability to adapt to the needs of our unique implementation, keep everyone happy, and deliver the expected results."

Paul Kranze

Marketing Specialist

Orion International

"We have been using LiveAdmins's service for over five years and are very satisfied with the results. They are great to work with, very receptive to edits to our web chat, and implement changes promptly. The WebGreeter service has added a lot of value to our website and continues to provide an additional way to deliver excellent customer service to our candidates and clients,"


Chief Operating Officer


"Live Chat has far exceeded any expectation we had envisioned when integrating their unique platform to our website. We are now going on our sixth year using their service. It's like they are a part of the company now and they treat our customers the same way. Business would not be the same without them. I highly recommend their service for anyone wanting to greet customers in real-time and give them a first class experience on your website."

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