LiveAdmins offers 24/7 proactive live chat solution for law firms which helps you connect with prospective clients in real-time. We greet and engage every online visitor on your website, get contact information from those seeking legal help and pass on details to your law firm so you can follow up with legal advice. LiveAdmins live chat for attorneys will help your law firm qualify potential leads and schedule more appointments with clients. You can help more clients with 24/7 real time live chat for law firms. LiveAdmins offers multilingual live chat for law firms in 4 different languages, ensuring you get clients from a wider demographic. .



Proactive Chats

LiveAdmins reaches out to the  potential new clients on your website and connects with them to get you more business.



Our technology tracks if there is a  returning visitor on your website and will then serve them with a more  personalized experience.



If there’s a new client, our chat-to-phone technology help the visitor connect with your office in a matter of a few seconds.



With Involve, you can secretly assist the agent on how to handle a difficult situation or completely takeover the chats for full control.


Multilingual Support

Our live chat service supports 4 languages – the most compared to any other provider – so you can cater to a wider audience.

24/7 Assistant

24/7 Real Time Assistance

We engage visitors with chat before they have a chance to leave your website and keep your  business stay online 24/7.

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Why Live Chat Is Your Answer To Better Marketing ROI

LiveAdmins helps Law Firms deal with the influx of new clients by offering a cost effective, high-tech solution. Download this flyer to see how you can benefit from our services.


Frequently Asked Questions

On which devices does live chat works?

Be it a desktop, tablet or mobile – our chat windows are fully responsive thereby delivering optimum visitor experience.

Do you provide 24/7 chat services?

Absolutely. We ensure that our customers are provided with 24/7 chat support without any interruptions, delays or lags, all year long.

Can your agents connect chat visitors to  our office by phone?

Yes. Through ‘Handover’ our agents can directly connect website visitor to you through phone call in matter of seconds.

Does the service stop if there are any problems?

The service is designed in such a way that it would not stop regardless of what the problem is. Unless there is an issue from the customer’s side, any issue can be settled immediately by fixing bugs or by shifting workload to another area.

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