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3 Ways to Collect Feedback from Digital Customers

Creating an unmatched customer experience and fostering a customer-centric approach requires collecting and paying attention to customer feedback. Customer feedback is a combination of individual customer experiences, their unique perspective and feelings about a product or service, and problems faced while interacting with the company. It is the most valued information for any company as

5 Marketing Strategies in the Era of Reducing Attention Spans

5 Marketing Strategies in the Era of Reducing Attention Spans

The current era is marked with continuous advancement in technology. Today, customers are almost always connected to the internet. Be it their smartphones, tablets or laptops, a constant connection with the digital world has become a necessity. With the influx of endless content on the internet and easy access, the attention span of the current


How Customer Intelligence Can Help Your Business?

In today’s world, a business cannot flourish without having a customer-centric approach. Every company according to its nature and size utilizes certain tools and techniques to understand what the customer wants and then offer tailored solutions accordingly. One of the key contributors to a successful business in the future is Customer Intelligence. This is basically


How To Increase Online Sales In 2022?

Covid-19 has changed the world as we know it. As more and more people shift towards online shopping because of its ease and convenience, online businesses need to adapt and evolve at a much faster pace to remain competitive and meet growing customer needs. How can online business differentiate themselves from competitors and generate more

Top Digital Marketing Strategies To Implement In 2022

2021 was the year of change and it had an immense impact on shaping consumer behavior. Based on the changes, businesses needed new marketing strategies to keep up with the changes that happened at an unprecedented pace. Not every brand was able to cope with the evolution of digital media and how people consume it.

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