How to Turn Customers Into Brand Advocates?

How to Turn Customers Into Brand Advocates?

Every business knows the importance of having a satisfied and happy customer base. Research suggests that a large percentage of people trust word-of-mouth from friends and family more than a paid advertisement. The aforementioned fact emphasizes creating a loyal customer base that can be turned into brand advocates. They independently and voluntarily spread positive word about your brand in their circles and social media platforms because they are genuinely happy with your products or service. They can reach people beyond your immediate target audience without needing you to spend money.

Start With Providing Excellent Customer Service


The first step of creating brand advocates is to take your service, products, and customer support to an exemplary level that will allow customers to trust your brand. If you are not providing up-to-the-mark service, people will be reluctant to spread good word about you. The counter possibility is that they will give negative reviews about your brand. Ensure that your product/service qualifies the quality standards and is good enough to be recommended to others. By spreading the word about your company, the customer is putting their reputation on the line. For them to take the risk, your service needs to be customer-oriented and top-of-the-line in every way. Sometimes while dealing with a customer’s issues, you may need to go the extra mile to win them over. Putting 24/7 live chat support in will increase your customer experience.

Personalize Every Experience


The next step to stepping up the game is to offer more personalized experiences to customers. If you become more than just a service for them, they are more likely to discuss you in their personal circles, and this starts making the actual difference. There are simple ways in which you can show customers you care about them.

  • Offer custom-tailored solutions
  • Remembering and addressing customers with their names while providing support
  • Send them personalized greetings on occasions like Christmas
  • Solve their problems in a personalized manner and follow up with them after the issue is sorted.

Create a Brand Image


Every brand has its own philosophy on which they form their identity. The image a brand creates is what their customers relate to and associate themselves with the respective brand. Nobody likes to associate with a brand that does not have a strong identity.

If your brand has an appealing identity, a good philosophy, and a positive image, people would love to talk about your brand. You have to deliver on your brand promise. For instance, if you’re creating your brand image around quick response time, you ought to do what you are saying.

Gather Customer Feedback


Feedback is more important for your business than it is for customers. It is a critical analysis of your company and identifies the areas that need improvement. Customers also like to give feedback, and considering their criticism and appreciating it shows them that you listen and care. It shows that your customers matter to you. Asking for feedback helps create a bond between the company and the client that goes a long way. Gathering feedback is also a source of finding out what customers want from you and which part is lacking.

Let the Advocates Generate the Buzz


After you have done all you could to set a brand identity, provide exceptional services, and everything else that is required to develop a strong customer base, you need to employ a few programs to get the ball rolling. You can do this by offering loyalty programs, referrals, or reward points. These are going to work the magic because everybody likes discounts, rewards, and extra savings. This is a great way to have customers spread the word about your business.

Whether you offer live chat software, run an e-commerce business, or belong to any industry, if you follow the right steps, you can earn yourself loyal customers. They will become your brand advocates and will multiply your customer base by spreading positive word about you.

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