Applying ‘Super Skills’ to Customer Service

Applying ‘Super Skills’ to Customer Service

Departmental stores often use signature scents to bolster their brand’s image. Another benefit of scent marketing is that it connects an individual store with the entire franchise. Whether you are shopping for a checkered button-down shirt in Chicago or for a pair of olive-green khakis in Dubai, the store’s proprietary fragrance forms an essential part of an immersive brand experience. Much like the pull of carefully-designed aromas, quality customer service also attracts potential customers towards a business – online and offline.

Customers, prospective or current, deserve the best possible treatment, especially while shopping for a brand’s products or services. They are effectively prioritizing one particular brand over the competition and that is a choice worth acknowledging! As a professional in a customer-facing role,  one is expected to not only offer high-quality products but also provide a positive customer experience. Investing in super skills, such as cognitive flexibility and time management, can ensure superior support at every stage of the customer journey.

Around-the-Clock: Time Management

time management

Time is one of the most limited resources we have, second only to attention or money. Forging a mutually-beneficial relationship with a customer requires effective time management. According to a PRNewsWire study , eighty-three percent of online shoppers will abandon a purchase or take their business elsewhere if they do not receive assistance within the first five minutes. Safeguarding both the customer’s and the organization’s time can be as simple as meeting deadlines, assisting customers in real-time through live chat solutions, and making deliveries on time. All of this activity demonstrates how a business prioritizes its customer and their time. 

On-Alert: Risk Management

risk management

Handling customers is rarely a straightforward matter. It requires specialized knowledge of several areas, from key products and services on offer to leading complaints, for a successful resolution of a customer’s request. Managing risk in a customer support scenario means that agents must negate customer frustration whenever, and wherever possible. This reduces the chance of negative reviews and strengthens the company’s reputation. Here are some scenarios that a business must regularly evaluate to effectively manage customer risk:

  • What are non-negotiables for your key customers?
  • What could tempt existing customers away?
  • How can you enhance their customer experience?

A customer-facing professional attuned to managing risk will resolve issues within a reasonable timeframe.

Quick Thinking: Cognitive Flexibility

cognitive flexibility

A dynamic workplace requires employees who can respond to various tasks and demands without missing a beat. Cognitive flexibility describes the ability to switch from one mode of thinking to another. Those who are unable to make smooth mental transitions may feel challenged in a fast-paced, forward-facing role. Those with cognitive flexibility can quickly adapt to changing circumstances while maintaining their professionalism. This skill becomes particularly handy while working with a prospective customer as they explore various options in services or products. Adaptability and cognitive flexibility are both complementary customer service skills. Live chat pricing is not so high that a company can’t handle it.

The Power of Persuasion

the power of persuasion

For a business to truly win over their clientele, they must combine empathy with persuasion. Contrary to popular belief, the ability to be persuasive is relevant outside the conventional sales role. Members of a customer service department must be able to convey confidence, knowledge, and empathy while interacting with a client. A customer support representative who possesses a deep understanding of the customer’s pain points can readily persuade a client to give their product or service a second chance. They can demonstrate value, create a connection, and convince the customer to stay invested in the brand.

The key to lifelong customer relationships lies in implementing the previously mentioned “super skills” daily. Organizations can utilize tools like live website support to ensure 24/7 assistance for their online customers.

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