3-step Checklist to Boost Landing Page Conversions

3-step Checklist to Boost Landing Page Conversions

Designing a website is as much an art as it is science. How can we say that with such confidence? Try visiting your company’s landing page from the customer’s point of view. Is the landing page copy convincing enough for you to click through? If you are not buying the premises, why would your potential customer? What you require is a surefire way to consistently increase landing-page conversions.

The landing page is a crucial element of your organization’s inbound marketing strategy. It is often your company’s first impression on the modern consumer, too. It must, with the help of well-written content and crisp visuals, highlight the advantages of the service or product on offer.

The landing page needs to engage the visitors and make them curious about the highlighted products or services. Every element on the webpage should integrate together and compel the website visitor to take action – preferably one that leads to a solid lead.

So, how exactly can your team optimize pre-existing landing pages for conversions?

Just follow this checklist:



While businesses may be targeting different online demographics, the basics of quality web page design remain the same.

Position a strong, representative image in the top half of the landing page. Your best bet is to have the main image and the title heading correlate. Make sure you use the right amount of images embedded in your page and that everything is neatly aligned, margins and image placement make a considerable impact.

Write one clear Call to Action (CTA) and stick to it.  One too many or contradictory CTAs will only confuse the website visitor.  Another way to spice things up is by swapping text with a short video (with the intended CTA) on the landing page.

Craft captivating headings and sub-headings for each of the landing pages. If possible, run instances of A/B testing to gauge the appeal of varying sets of titles. A/B testing can also be conducted with brand-new content and formatting in place.

Everything written on the landing page should support the central call to action. Utilize space and word economy to your company’s advantage.  The copy should be crisp, engaging, and ultimately, persuasive.



According to research by Forrester, close to 50% of all website visitors expect landing pages to load in under two seconds. That’s right. If your landing page speed is on the slower side, your team will want to check for problems with the web server. If the loading delays persist, you can try to reduce HTTP requests (if any) and minimize the number of images as well as their sizes.  The smaller the image, the sooner it will load.



Provide round-the-clock assistance by integrating a live chat solution directly on the landing page. Faster than a phone call and more effective than an email, live chat-based support increases your chances of making a sale. An American Marketing Association study indicates that live chat can boost conversions by a minimum of 20%.

After implementing these basic steps, it is worth exploring advanced landing page optimization strategies based on consumer segmentation. Some of these strategies leverage data analytics to produce consumer behavior-based actionable insights. Whether your team designs the landing page in-house or the task is outsourced, the goal should be to provide a seamless website experience that meets the customer’s expectations.

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