How to Attract More Traffic on Your Website

How to Attract More Traffic on Your Website

Talk to any experienced marketer and they will tell you the same thing: an uptick in website traffic does not automatically guarantee sales or leads. However, as a decision-maker for a B2B service provider, you can not afford to lose out on possible revenue due to dismal traffic. The challenge is in striking that precarious balance between attractive, clickable social media links and engaging, effective content on the company’s website.

In this fast-paced attention economy, all businesses struggle with gaining and retaining their prospective customer’s attention. With the average consumer being exposed to up to 5,000 marketing messages in a single day, it makes sense that ‘traffic generation’ is now a full-time job. Digital marketers must accurately gauge potential customer pain points and where they ‘hang out’ online, before expecting massive website traffic. Combine these two essential pieces of information together and you have the skeleton of a powerful content marketing plan.

Apply the following tips and ensure a steady flow of relevant traffic to your company’s official website:


Quality Content

First of all, the website content must serve your brand’s core business function. This means if the company sells farming equipment, the content must persuade the website visitor to either find out more about the product line or to directly place an order. The same logic applies to those brands that use websites to promote their services to their potential customers.

While visitors would like to know about the brand and its origin, the product or service’s benefits should take the premium spots. A good rule-of-thumb is to inform your audience about the product or service, especially if it involves little-known technology. While blogs and white papers are quite informative, content marketing experts recommend adding visual content to the editorial pipeline. Within the realm of visual content, your marketing team can convert data from a study into an original infographic, upload a slideshow presentation or produce a whiteboard explainer video.  Another excellent way to get ‘eyeballs’ on the website is by publishing one-on-one interviews with prominent industry professionals and satisfied clientele.



We have all heard of the pivotal role search engine optimization (SEO) plays for attracting relevant website traffic. Digital marketers must regularly spruce up their on-site SEO strategy or risk missing out on easily-convertible leads. In terms of website content, it is best to have relevant content that educates them on a variety of industry-specific topics. Publishing pertinent content not only engages readers but increases the chance of securing a higher search engine ranking. Successful SEO strategy also comprises of getting your guest posts published on industry-specific blogs and websites.


Switch On Email Marketing

If you have yet to try out email marketing, we have two words for you: it works. Newsletter email blasts can include blogs, promotional offers, referral incentives and even discount vouchers. Clearly designed call-to-actions (CTAs) will lead the prospective client from the inbox to the desired landing page. When designing the email campaign, make sure the subject lines stand out so users actually open your email! Having a catchy subject line will get you more clicks, and ultimately more traffic is driven to your website. Increase chances of gaining an audience by grabbing newsletter subscriptions through a dedicated landing page. Your social media team can also send out a weekly reminder across various platforms for new email sign-ups.

Let’s do a quick review! It is crucial that the website and social media content is interesting enough to engage your audience. Quality content requires meticulous research, planning, and execution by a team of skilled writers and editors. Once the content plan is decided upon and approved, your team will have to design the website in an attractive manner. After all of these aspects have been addressed, it’s time to convert those website visitors into repeat customers. Targeted lead generation is made possible by integrating live chat solutions onto your company’s website. The advantage of using one of the Live chat support services is how a personalized customer experience transforms one-time visitors into life-long customers.

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