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Our Features


As soon as our live agents identify a potential booking, they can instantly connect them with your reservation using Handover (Live connecting over the phone).

Facebook Messenger Integration

By incorporating our technology into your Facebook page, easily extend your guest support channels by connecting with followers.


If a website visitor needs to be connected to your company’s representative, the chat agent can push the chat to your team member with a single click.

CRM & Booking Engine Integration

Our live chat technology can be easily integrated with all commonly used CRM software packages, and Booking Engine.


With Chat2SMS, guest now get directly connected with reservations teams while on-the-go through SMS.

LiveAdmins Connect

LiveAdmins Connect converts live chat sessions into video conversations for immersive engagement which is beneficial for both the hoteliers and potential guests.

Streamline Operations

LiveAdmins technology is designed to seamlessly fit into your current team and service model. 24/7 live agents will be available to answer support related questions round-the-clock.

Visitor Behavior Tracking

In-depth details of the visitor currently engaged in a chat including chat history, previous visits, browsing history, active time, keyword searches etc