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Transform Customers into Advocates

Transform Customers into Advocates

What defines a particular automotive brand? Sometimes the brand is defined by how their vehicles look, the ‘feel’ of that first test drive, and at other times, it is the overall customer experience. Brand loyalty stems from the delivery of a positive customer experience. Consistently positive customer experiences will result in an automotive brand seeing

Automotive Dealerships

Guide to Must-Have Tech for Automotive Dealerships

These days our fingers essentially do the ‘walking’ and ‘talking’ for us. How so? A tap here and a click there on the smartphone and all your errands are squared away! About 88 percent of customers conduct their pre-purchase research exclusively online, especially for larger, more expensive items like cars. Not only are people conducting

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How Car Dealerships Can Enhance Customer Service with Live Chat?

Purchasing a car is an important decision and customers tend to conduct thorough research online before making a final choice. With so many available options, auto dealerships constantly need to implement new strategies in order to attract potential customers and stay ahead of the competition. Just like any other business, for those in the auto

automotive industry

How Can the Automotive Industry Benefit from Live Chat?

The advent and popularity of the internet has made access to information much easier. Just like all other industries, businesses in the automobile industry are increasingly strengthening their online presence and exploring new methodologies to boost their sales. Having a strong digital presence has also made it easier for potential customers to look up and

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