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Tips for Increasing Online Conversions

Customer conversion rate is an important index to measure online business performance. It basically shows how much of the traffic generated by a business is converted into customers. For an e-commerce website, the first phase to business optimization is creating sufficient traffic, i.e the visitors coming to your website. Online advertisement, web referrals and search

personalized online shopping

Personalizing the Online Shopping Experience

Continuous improvement and growth are vital for any business to survive in a highly competitive environment. Organizations regularly innovate and reinvent themselves to get ahead from the competition. While the conventional competition merely relied on low costs and low prices, businesses now increasingly differentiate and rely on customer relations to get ahead. Entrepreneurs operating in

Live chat support for hospitality industry

Live Chat Support for the Hospitality Industry

Having a strong web presence has become an integral part of the hospitality as well as tourism industry allowing the businesses to directly reach out to the customers. According to a survey conducted by World Travel Monitor, online bookings account for almost half of the total worldwide bookings. Travelers are increasingly finding it more convenient

Customer Dealing

5 Tips for Effectively Dealing with Customer Complaints

A good salesperson realizes the importance of effective communication in order to make a sale and satisfy customer complaints. Various customers have different attitudes, needs and negotiation styles. Some customers are more demanding verbally, while others might be more introverted. Just as a good salesman relies on effective communication and understanding customer needs to make

Want More Customers via Live Chat? Ask Us How

Live Chat is one of the most popular customer service tools, being adopted by various companies across all industries. The main features of live chat service include real-time and one-on-one interaction of customers with customer service representatives. As compared to phone support, it is cheaper to offer live chat services to customers, since chat operators

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