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Hello, I am Pebble, the official chatbot for LiveAdmins. How can I help you today?
Hi. I am having trouble figuring out ways to increase sales for my business. Could you give me some ideas?
Certainly! I can help you figure out ways to boost sales for your business with the live chat service provided by LiveAdmins.
At LiveAdmins, we provide 24/7 instantaneous live chat. Our trusted agents ensure proactive engagement with your valued clients. Would you like to know more about LiveAdmins?

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LiveAdmins bridges the gap between businesses and their website visitors. Our real-time online customer support helps our clients increase their ROI and provide their valued customers with a memorable online experience.

We go the extra mile to guarantee exceptional quality customer support.

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Client Success Stories

Brian Potter

Director of Marketing

One word or phrase that best describes our relationship with LiveAdmins would be value. We’ve already paid for the service multiple times over with the sales that we’ve made through our website chat, and through the customers that we’ve helped. It’s a very valuable service and we’re going to continue to use them. I’m very glad that we made the decision to go with them.


What Makes Us Unique

About Live Chat

Live chat support is a tool that enables direct customer-business communication on the website, social media or business apps. With the help of live chat support, businesses can immediately answer customer queries and address all of their needs in real-time. 24/7 live chat support enhances online customer experience, increases retention and loyalty, boosts sales and strengthens brand image.
Live chat enables businesses to communicate with their online customers in real-time. It is a medium that empowers both the business and the customer to chat one-on-one. Businesses can increase online customer engagement with round-the-clock live chat which results in more leads and sales. Customers can get instant answers to their questions from the business through live chat service.
At LiveAdmins, pricing is customized as per the need of the client. The cost of the chat is based on website traffic, the number of hours of chat service required, the number of languages the chat is deployed in, number of features and customization. Pricing can start from as low as $50.
Adding live chat to your website is extremely simple and easy. It is a 2 line code that goes onto the website.
Live chat boosts revenue for a business through lead generation, improves online customer engagement, provides real-time customer feedback, enhances customer support levels and increases customer loyalty and brand reputation. 24/7 managed live chat service strengthens your online presence, builds customer trust for your business, and ensures you don’t miss any leads or leave any customer query unanswered.
The number of chat agents depends entirely on the need of your business. The factors include the number of hours of chat service, website traffic and number of languages you require the service in. We offer customized chat solutions to all our clients based entirely on their business requirements.
Live chat is beneficial for businesses since it proactively engages every online customer, offers immediate customer support, increases number of leads and sales for a business. Live chat reduces customer support costs for businesses, enhances customer experience and boosts revenue.
Our chat agents are available 24/7 and will be attending to your website visitors even after your business hours.

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