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to Your Guests

LiveAdmins provides a sophisticated way of human interaction on your website. We offer 24/7  multilingual live chat support which helps connect your hotel business with your website from all over the world.

We provide guidance to your online customers from booking procedures to up-to-date information regarding special offers. Our solution can help you provide an exceptional customer experience resulting in greater conversion of bookings.




Multilingual Support

Multilingual Support

Our Live Chat service supports 4 languages – the most compared to any other provider – so you can cater to a wider audience.

CRM Integration

CRM Integration

Our technology integrates with your CRM software so customer and  revenue management is never  an issue.

Mobile App

LiveAdmins Mobile Apps

Our Android and iOS based apps work seamlessly on your smart devices so you never miss an important alert.

Smart Lead

Smart Lead Alerts

As soon as there is a new reservation request, our system will automatically send an alert to your smartphone or email.

Promotional Banner

Promotional Banners

We help you promote special offers with an easy-to-set-up banner so every visitor gets to see it as soon as they land on your website.


Visitor Location Tracking

You’ll be able to track visitors’  location, giving you a better insight into their needs and preferences.

Hotel Flyers

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Wy Live Chat is Essential For Customer Support in Hotels

LiveAdmins offers your online customers the best guidance at each step of booking and provide up-to-date information regarding any special offers. Download this flyer to know more.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Live Chat support available in any other  language apart from English?

We offer chat support in 4 global languages that includes English, French, Arabic, and Spanish to cover a wide range of markets all across the world.

Will the customer queries regarding room  reservation be answered?

Yes, our agents will have sufficient knowledge to efficiently deal with the customers everyday queries and guide them regarding the best hotel packages.

Do you provide 24/7 chat services?

Absolutely. We ensure that our customers are provided with 24/7 chat support without any interruptions, delays or lags, all year long.

Upon request, are chat transcripts provided?

You can get complete chat transcripts and data. We keep a record of all chats occurring, so chat transcripts can be forwarded to a list of email addresses.

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