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24/7 Availability

Our chat agents are available round-the-clock as per your requirement. You can opt for our service 24/7 or only in your off-hours.

Multilingual Support

The only live chat service provider offering chat services in 4 languages (English, Arabic, French and Spanish) to cater to a wider audience.

Lead Alerts

Every time a lead is identified on your website, you will be instantly informed via SMS and/or e-mail, as per your preference.

The Human Element

Our agents deliver exceptional customer experiences that add a personal touch to every interaction, so every experience is memorable.

Zero Upfront Hold Time

Website visitors are instantly connected to a chat agent without having to wait even for a second, so no chat is unanswered.

Proactive Chat

After a certain amount of time has lapsed, website visitors are proactively greeted through a chat window so no visitor query is missed.



Get connected instantly with your office with the push of a single button. Your website visitor's phone can be connected to your office by our chat agent.

Facebook Integration

LiveAdmins allows Facebook fan page integrations so your social media visitors can chat to our agents without having to come to your website.


If a website visitor needs to be connected to your company’s representative, the chat agent can push the chat to your team member with a single click.

Smart Chat Routing

Smart routing system makes chat routing simple and efficient, based on your pre-defined metrics. Direct specific chats to a pre-defined chat agent.