3 Things Live Chat Agents Should Never do

3 Things Live Chat Agents Should Never do

Live Chat is being used by businesses to connect with online visitors, ensure better lead generation and more ROI. Live chat agents can help a business build stronger relationships with online visitors by enhancing their experience.  When talking to online customers, there are some words and phrases that must never be used in conversations. Here is all that you need to say ‘no’ to when interacting with visitors on live chat service!

Not Being Honest with Customers

Over-promising and reassuring visitors may seem tempting in the start, it might even earn their instant approval, but later on when they are disappointed, damage control will become difficult. Instead of losing a customer later down the road, it is better to keep it real and transparent from the beginning. Imagine ordering a Christmas gift for a loved one around November and the agent guarantees delivery before Christmas, however this is not actually possible and the customer finds out later. This will lead to disappointment and the customer will not return for any future purchase. Don’t build unrealistic expectations or promises that can’t be kept. Never keep your customers in the dark and keep them updated at every step of the interaction with your business.   Even when it’s a tough call to make, be completely honest.

Delayed Responses

Online visitors want immediate answers to their questions. Delaying responses and taking too much time will not only agitate online visitors, but also force them to turn to a competitor for purchase. In order to land all potential leads, you must maintain excellent response time and not make them wait. If you need time to search for a particular product or provide them information, ask them politely to give you a minute. For example, an online visitor asks you the price and shipping details of a particular product that is on an exclusive deal, you’re going to have to open the link and see the details before answering him/her, so something like “please give me a moment while I look for it” would work, instead of disappearing for a significant period of time and then coming up with an answer, knowing that by that time, it is possible that the visitor may have gotten frustrated and left the chat.

Not Offering Solutions

Never let online customers leave without a solution. They turn to live chat agents for answers and solutions to their queries, and nothing is more disappointing than the feeling of having wasted time talking to a representative who was unable to provide a viable solution. This will potentially harm your business credibility as well. In order to avoid such a situation, agents must guide online visitors while keeping their preferences in mind. The chat should be informative for the visitor and agents should have a good know-how of the business, products and services. Agents should be able to give the visitors specialized knowledge and if in the event they are unable to, chat should be transferred to a senior team member. Online customers should always receive guidance and the best possible suggestions.

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