4 Effective Techniques to Attract and Retain More Customers

4 Effective Techniques to Attract and Retain More Customers

In order to increase revenue, it is vital for online businesses to devise strategies that will encourage clients to purchase their good and services.  To do so effectively, you need to understand the needs of your clients and develop persuasive techniques to attract them. Have a look at the following techniques that will enable you to successfully market your products online and attract more customers.

Video Marketing

Video is taking content marketing by storm and popular video portals like YouTube are catering more than one billion unique visitors every month. Create awareness about your brand with the help of videos, these can be used as a supplement to the information you have presented on your website.

Videos which show what your products are all about and how they are useful can be an effective strategy to capture market interest. Make sure that these videos are shared on the right social media channels and reach your target audience.

Harness the Power of Testimonials

Customers not only want to know what you sell, they are also interested in knowing why they should buy from you. Therefore, delivering the ‘wow’ experience is essential. Display the fastest selling and most popular items on your website. Feature your bestselling products and customer testimonials. Adding reviews instills a sense of trust in visitors as they generally prefer to know what other customers think of a particular product. Therefore, sharing reviews of your products is a great way to market yourself and to capture the attention of more customers. By showing that other people who bought your products were satisfied and happy, your business can trigger a desire among prospective customers to try your products.

The Power of Promotional Pricing

Ever wondered how businesses can entice people to buy more from them? Having a sale on is always a great marketing idea. Posts on your social media and website such as ‘best deals of the day’, ‘mega sale only for today’ etc. will entice customers to check out what you are offering. You can also add countdown timers to create or elevate a sense of urgency in visitors to make the buying decision. It increases the possibility of clients attaching more value to products when they feel that the time to purchase items is running out.

Engage Upfront With Online Customers

Live Chat is a great way to engage with your online customers. A study carried out by Forrester reveals that live chat is favored by 44% of participants who connect with operators in real-time. The reason for this preference is that live chat enables customers to instantly get answers to their questions and find the help they need.

Online customers have several pre and post-purchase queries and concerns. For instance, before buying visitors would want to know about product warranty, return policy, additional expenses, shipping etc. Being able to address these issues efficiently will help you increase sales and retain more clients. Therefore, Live Chat demo not only helps engage more customers but also increases customer satisfaction.

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