4 Smart Ways for Startups to Reach Out to Customers

4 Smart Ways for Startups to Reach Out to Customers

The most challenging aspect of starting a new business is to find customers. While many new business owners think that offering quality products is enough to acquire customers, it takes more than that. With limited resources and budget, it becomes even more difficult for startups to reach out to customers. When starting a new business, first identify your potential customers and then develop a strategy to connect with them. Business events and seminars are a great way to connect with potential customers, especially for B2B sales. Here are a few useful tips to reach out to more customers.

Identify Your Potential Customers and Develop a Strategy

First of all, you need to know who your customers are. If you have a product/service that you want to sell to businesses, see which department you would be pitching your product/service to and devise a plan accordingly. If you are selling to individuals, conduct thorough research on their preferences and buying behavior before making a strategy. Knowing who you are selling to will help you in creating an effective strategy and marketing plan.

Attend Events and Seminars to Find Prospective Customers  

Attending and sponsoring events is a great way to find customers for your new business. You can give away free product samples to the attendees and promote your business. For B2B sales, go to seminars and workshops that your prospective customers are likely to attend. Research all relevant industry events and seminars. Give away as many promotional items as you can to participants.

Use Multiple Marketing Channels

For startups, it is vital to utilize multiple channels for product promotion rather than spending a huge amount on just one channel. To attract customers for your new business, use a combination of print, street, and digital marketing channels. Make use of flyers, stickers, magazine ads, and internet ads for an impactful marketing campaign. You are likely to find more customers if you advertise consistently using various channels. Live chat is yet another unique channel of communication that can be used to reach out to customers.

Actively follow up on all Your Business Meetings

Active follow-up after your initial business meeting is essential. Make sure that you focus on post-meeting communication with every individual. If you have given away a free product/service trial, ask for feedback and follow up to get suggestions or opinions about your business. Many people are reluctant to answer calls, so instead of calling people you can send reminder e-mails regularly to reach out to customers. Take every business meeting as an opportunity to find customers and put in extra effort to create a lasting impression about your company.

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