4 Tips on Event Branding for Small Businesses

4 Tips on Event Branding for Small Businesses

For small businesses, event branding can turn out to be an effective way of pitching a business idea to potential clients. It is also a smart way of giving away items that can serve as reminders of your business. However, event branding involves more than just marketing your business and distributing promotional giveaways; without creating a memorable experience for the attendees you won’t be able to create brand affinity. Consistently keep your audience engaged till the end of the event so that they don’t get bored hearing about your brand. Have a look at the following four tips that can help your business with event branding in a smarter and cost-efficient way!

Send Out Personalized Invites

Your invitations would create the first impression about your event, so make sure that you design invites that instantly grab the attention of your recipients. For small businesses, it is easier to send out handwritten invites, it would add a personal touch to invitation cards and your potential clients would feel special as well. The content of the invites should be short and catchy, it should give the event attendees an impression that you are really looking forward to seeing them at the event. In the invitation, reveal a bit about the event attractions to stir the interest of your prospective clients.

Use Social Media to Create Buzz

Social media can be used to create hype about your event, however, you need to make the best of social media channels before, during, and after the event in order to make it a success. Use your social media pages to give event updates during and after the event; post photos and videos along with updates to publicize your event, you can post feedback from the attendees as well. Live Chat is another medium that can be smartly used to create buzz for your event and answer the queries of attendees. Post-event feedback can also be collected via live chat.

Design Unique Promotional Giveaways

Your promotional giveaways would serve as souvenirs for visitors, so they need to be designed in a unique manner. Instead of giving away traditional promo items like pens, writing pads, and shirts, give away products that complement your business and remind the recipients of your brand. For instance, if you are a business that sells coffee, your promotional giveaways can include small gift baskets with custom coffee mugs (having Guests’ names), coffee stirrers having your logo, and coupons for coffee at a café that uses your coffee. Branding through promotional items will go a long way in creating value for your business.

Use Themed Tableware and Other Event Props

Using cups, glasses, plates and other items with your logo printed on them would keep your brand in focus at the event. Customized napkins can also be used for branding. You need to make sure that the logo and name of your business do not look unpleasant on event props. Overdoing it would create a negative impression about your business, so do it tastefully. Use a logo size that looks good on the tableware and other props. Keeping in mind the color scheme of your logo, you can pick an appropriate color and design for your event’s tableware and other props.

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