4 Tips on Offering a Memorable Customer Experience This Thanksgiving

4 Tips on Offering a Memorable Customer Experience This Thanksgiving

The essence of Thanksgiving is showing gratitude and appreciation towards one another. This is an opportunity for all businesses to let their customers know how valuable they are to the company. Carrying out the tradition of appreciation, your business should celebrate Thanksgiving with enthusiasm. Make sure your staff is ready to offer exceptional customer care during this time. Here are a few tips on how you can provide a memorable customer experience this Thanksgiving.

Remember to Thank Your Customers

Reaching out to clients on special occasions is important. Keeping the spirit of Thanksgiving alive, it is essential that you remember to thank your customers for doing business with you. It is usually expected by them to receive tailored emails on occasions like this one. Make sure you send out nicely designed personalized emails and thank you cards to them. You can also create a thank you video and post it on your website and social media channels.

Go the Extra Mile by Adding Value

As we get closer to the holiday season, businesses strategize their marketing campaigns to ensure their products and services reach as many people as possible. For Thanksgiving, it is important that you offer your customers special discounts, gift cards and coupons. This is another way of appreciating your customers and thanking them for their business. You can also send customized gifts to your loyal customers. All your efforts should be directed towards actions which indicate to customers that you care about them.

Focus on Continuous Customer Support

Customer Service is one aspect that will require your maximum focus on Thanksgiving. Make sure your staff is available and proactive at all times to help customers. All your customers will expect their queries to be answered instantly, like any other day. If you are understaffed, hire help so you can provide support seamlessly without any loopholes. Never make your customers wait. Make sure you have live chat support service on all your digital platforms to answer all online customer queries 24/7.

Take the Opportunity to Enrich Experience

Whether you are an online business or a brick-and-mortar store, Thanksgiving is an opportunity to give a new look to your business. For business websites, you can add symbolic graphics and marketing campaigns to highlight the holiday that show you are indulging in the festivities of the season. You can also add a thank you note on your home page to remind your clients they are essential for your business. Similarly, if you have a retail store, you can put up standees and hang decorations which reflect the holiday. The possibilities and ideas are unlimited when it comes to getting creative with design and aesthetics. You can also offer chocolates along with thank you cards to those visiting your store.  It’s the little details that make everyone smile and bring them back to you.

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