5 Direct Marketing Ideas for Businesses to Boost Sales

5 Direct Marketing Ideas for Businesses to Boost Sales

A striking and unique marketing idea can turn out to be a key differentiator for the success of your business. While there are a number of ways to promote your business, direct marketing is a cost efficient and more appealing way to pitch your product/service. According to a research on Direct Mail Marketing, 92% of young shoppers consider direct mail as a vital factor for their buying decision. One of the reasons why direct marketing is impactful is because of its personal touch. Using direct marketing to promote your product/service would not only help you in enhancing sales but it will also play a significant role in getting you repeat customers. Here are some compelling direct marketing ideas to sway your potential customers!

A Personalized Sales Letter/Mail can Work Wonders

According to a survey, 70% of Americans are of the view that mail is more personal than the internet. Using a personalized sales letter/mail can persuade your prospective customers into buying your product. Start off with making a list of your customers that you intend to send sales letter to. Always write a sales letter keeping in mind that you are addressing just one person, use an informal tone but make sure that the content looks professional, is not too wordy and stirs the interest of the recipient. A handwritten sales letter is even better than a typed one, it would make your potential customers feel more valued. You can use an interesting message on the envelope teaser to make your letter worth opening for the recipient.

Use Catchy Postcards, Stickers, Brochures and Calendars

Using various forms of print advertising like postcards, stickers, brochures, and calendars can prove useful in generating sales. Instead of making your postcards boring, design them in a unique manner to attract your customers. Based on the psychographics of your target audience, a theme can be selected. Stickers are being widely used for direct marketing, you can make use of bumper stickers and window stickers to advertise your products. However, make sure that the text and graphics of your stickers are really eye-catching to make the onlookers stop for a moment and check them out. Distribute brochures and calendars through mail to your potential customers. Design your calendars with appropriate themes to your business and make them exciting.

Vehicle Advertising Can Grab Attention

Vehicle advertising is a direct marketing tool that works equally well for all sorts of businesses. Draping your vehicle with vinyl wrapping or magnetic signs can draw attention of the viewers. The greatest advantage of using vehicle advertising for your business is that you can reach out to a wider target audience without having to spend a hefty amount of money. While promoting your product/service through vehicles, make sure that you list your contact details very clearly. Use a catchy slogan for vehicle advertising to make a memorable impression on your potential customers. Keeping your advertising message short, thought provoking and engaging would get your business a significant number of customers.

Promote Yourself through Live Chat

Interpersonal communication is likely to have a greater impact than written messages. Another effective direct marketing tool is live chat which gives you an edge to talk to your customers in real time, hence you can vividly explain about a product/service. Using live chat service for marketing provides you with an opportunity to address your potential customers’ concerns instantly, hence you can positively influence their buying decision. Cross selling and upselling products is also quite easier through live chat as the sales representative can understand a customer’s buying behavior and offer products according to his/her liking. For instance, if a customer visits your online retail store to buy a dress, you can also suggest accessories that he/she might also like to go along with it.

Creative Sidewalk Chalk Marketing is a Stirring Idea

A picture is worth a thousand words and if you come across a picture under your feet, it is likely to stay in your memory for a long time. Sidewalk chalk art is a creative and inspiring way to promote your brand and sell products. Sidewalk chalk drawings are popularly used in college and university campuses but these days this type of street marketing can be seen on public sidewalks as well. For your sidewalk message to be worth noticing, you need to be really creative with the idea. For instance, if you are a brand that sells energy drinks, you can draw an epic Greek war fable with your drink’s logo or use superhero imagery to make it interesting enough for people walking by to stop and have a detailed look.

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