5 Gestures for Creating a Lasting Impression on Customers

5 Gestures for Creating a Lasting Impression on Customers

Are there any hard and fast rules to win over customers? While every business endeavors to earn customer loyalty, what really brings customers back to a business are small gestures that leave a memorable impression. Whether you are a startup or running an established company, making a lasting impression on your customers is likely to go a long way in building strong customer relationships. Focus on offering your customers a delightful experience from the moment they walk into your store or land on your website. Put in all efforts to facilitate them in the best possible manner. Here are a few tips that will help you create a lasting impression on your customers!

Pay Attention to Customers’ Preferences

The first step towards making a lasting impression on your website visitors or potential customers is to pay attention to what they want and prefer. It would make your customers feel that you actually care about their needs. Have an easy to navigate website with a search option to filter items based on the preferences of your visitors. Similarly, when customers walk into your store, ask them what they are looking for, even if you don’t have exactly the same product, give customers options matching their preferences. A customer is likely to come back to you if he/she feels welcomed and being taken care of.

Serve Every Customer in an Exclusive Way

Instead of following conventional customer service practices, make the service experience amazing for every customer. Ask every customer his/her name and try to offer personalized service. If for instance, you are running a restaurant and a new customer walks in, you can create a lasting impression by serving the ordered dish with his/her name written on it. You can give a special discount card to that customer while handing over the bill. Such a gesture is likely to build your image as a business that encourages a customer-oriented culture and focuses on serving every customer in a special way.

Make the Experience Delightful Right from the Start

If you want to win over customers, put in extra effort to make the experience pleasant right from the start. If a customer lands on your website or walks into your store he/she should be greeted warmly. Before the customer asks for help you should take the initiative and start the conversation with what he/she is looking for, take that customer to different product racks and show the desired items.

Actively Communicate with Your Customers

Active communication with your customers is likely to leave a lasting impression. Post-sale communication would make your customers trust and prefer your brand. You can get repeat customers by using smart communication tools like live chat for business. Stay connected with your customers through your social media accounts. Send thank you e-mails to all your customers regularly and keep them updated about your upcoming ventures. Communicating with your customers regularly would signal to them that your business truly values them.

Surprise Your Customers by Doing the Unexpected

If you want to leave a memorable impression on your customers, surprise them by doing something that they least expect. For example, send out thoughtful gifts to your customers on their birthdays along with handwritten greeting cards. Organize a small event for your regular customers and make them feel privileged and special. Small gestures like giving discounts or special deals to your new customers is likely to make them happy.

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