5 Smart Sales Strategies to help you Engage More Customers

5 Smart Sales Strategies to help you Engage More Customers

Attracting and acquiring new customers is always a challenge. Most customers these days conduct research online, compare and analyze different product features and prices before making a buying decision. Brands that use smart sales and pricing strategies manage to gain the attention of more customers. In order to engage your audience, you need to market in a way that you give more value for money to your customers. All customers like to be rewarded, you need to give them something extra right from the start. Bundle up different products and give your customers exciting saving deals so that they feel more inclined towards buying from you. Here are some sales strategies to help you attract more customers!

Give Customers a Gift or a Special Offer on a Specific Purchase

People like surprises and offers in which they get more than they expect. One way of grabbing the attention of your prospective customers and selling more to them is to give a surprise gift or a special offer on a specific purchase. For instance, if you have a home apparel business, you can have a promotional offer in which customers who make a specific amount of purchase on bedding collection can be given a set of aromatic fragrances from your new stock or a special 20% discount on their next purchase. You can keep on updating the offer and changing the gift items to retain the interest of customers.

Make Use of Psychological Pricing Technique

Psychological pricing makes your products appealing to customers since they feel they got a bargain. This pricing strategy can help you land more customers. If your prices end with numbers like “5” or “9”, buyers would feel that they are getting value for money and they are likely to make a purchase. Moreover another benefit of psychological pricing is that when customers compare prices of different items, they are likely to choose products that are priced like $14.99 since it would make them feel that they are saving money and getting a good deal.

Use Tiered Pricing to Persuade Customers

Tiered pricing compels your customers to buy more from you since they can compare different product packages and see the value that they are getting from buying a specific bundle. This technique makes your customers feel that they are getting more at a good price. This pricing strategy is being widely used for digital products as well. If for instance, you are selling a live chat support service you can offer tiered pricing for the “Basic”, “Plus” and “Premium” packages. This would let your clients compare different features they are getting within each product package and hence they can make a decision based on their needs.

Offer Products based on Buying Behavior

Another way to sell more to your customers is to offer them products and prices based on their buying behavior. You can use the previous purchase history of your customers to pitch them products that they like at an affordable price range. Customers can be offered products within their budget based on their buying patterns. For instance, if one of your customers has repeatedly purchased the same kind of dress shirts within the same price range, you can offer him/her similar products having the same price to show that you value client preferences.

Give Limited Time Offers, Discounts, and Weekly Deals

Limited-time offers, discounts, and weekly deals are likely to attract more customers. No one wants to miss a discount on a new product and if you add a timeline to the offer it would create an urgency to buy. For instance, offering a flat 20% off on new arrivals for two days would bring in more customers to your store. Similarly use weekly deals to stir the interest of prospective customers; giving them an opportunity to save up money every week on different set of products would compel them into buying from you.

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