5 Tips for Preventing Shopping Cart Abandonment

5 Tips for Preventing Shopping Cart Abandonment

Owners of online stores often witness abandoned shopping carts which is bad news for business. Even though there is no guarantee that when a customer adds a product to the shopping cart it will lead to him/her making a purchase, online store owners feel frustrated when there is an upward trend in cart abandonment. In order to prevent this situation, companies need to analyze the customer journey and pay attention to what they are doing wrong. Here are some useful tips to prevent shopping cart abandonment:

Save Cart Details

Even if your online customers have placed items in their cart and have logged off accidentally or intentionally, the auto-save feature in your website should save the products in the cart automatically. This can be done so that whenever a customer comes back, he/she will see the items in the cart and this might lead to a purchase decision.

Keep the Stock Updated

It is important for all e-commerce businesses to constantly update their website and remove items which are out of stock. Customers find it frustrating if they add items to their shopping cart only to find out during check-out that the products are not available. This creates a negative impression about your business and customers will think twice before spending more time browsing through products on your website. Have a team of dedicated staff members who regularly check stock and update available items on the website.

Offer Real-time Chat Support

For an online shopping store, it is essential to have a proactive online chat support service. Online customers expect live chat operators on a website who can guide them about products and pricing. A live chat operator not only keeps the customers engaged right from the start but also makes sure that he/she does not face any inconvenience during the stay on the website and during the purchase. Check out processes can be explained and made much simpler and easier with the help of live chat.

Don’t Force Customers to Register

Filling out an online form to register with your company can be annoying for your customers. Instead of making it a compulsion for your customers to register online in order to make a purchase, you should provide them with the option to login through their social media account i.e. Facebook or Google. Many customers abandon shopping carts because they don’t want to go through the hassle of filling out lengthy forms. Adding convenience for your customers is a prerequisite for ensuring better customer experience and increasing sales.

Never Hide Shipping Costs

Another really important consideration is to not hide the shipping and any other costs. Customers want to know upfront what the total cost of the product is including the delivery. Do not mention free delivery or shipping if there are even minimal charges. Many customers will abandon shopping carts and are not likely to shop from you again if there are additional charges at the end during check-out. Make sure that all terms and conditions along with shipping details are listed on the website.

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