How Hotels Can Gain Competitive Edge with Live Chat

How Hotels Can Gain Competitive Edge with Live Chat

The hotel industry is becoming increasingly competitive with a number of options available to travelers. While location and price pay a pivotal role in the customer buying decision, superior customer experience is integral to the hotel business. With a large percentage of people searching and booking hotels online, adding a chat feature to the hotel website improves the connectivity with clients.

Many hotels are now integrating live chat support on their websites to strengthen their web presence and enhance their online interactions with clients. If your hotel has still not incorporated live chat, here are some reasons why you should consider this because of the multiple benefits it brings.

Add a Human Touch to Your Website

A customer’s journey with your hotel usually begins when he/she visits your website for the first time. Consider a scenario where a client walks into your hotel and is greeted by an empty reception desk. Compare it with a situation in which a customer visits your website where there is no human face to welcome them. Customers may feel isolated especially if they want a personalized service from you. Incorporate live chat so that your customer care staff can greet clients in real time and give a preview of what your hotel has to offer them. Live chat will also provide you with an interactive way to convince customers to choose your hotel. Similarly the service can be provided round the clock in multiple languages to facilitate those in different time zones across the globe. This also results in an increase in the number of bookings.

Improve Direct Reservations

Your hotel can increase the number of direct reservations by adding live chat software with visitor tracking tools. By enabling you to track and monitor customers’ behavior on your website in real time, you can identify customers who need help in the booking process. Adding live chat enables you to instantly engage with customers to make reservations for them based on their unique needs and preferences. This personalizes the entire experience for customers and gives you a competitive edge.

Promptly Respond To Customer Queries

Customers can use the live chat service available on your hotel website to ask specific queries which they are unable to find answers to. Consider a situation where a customer wants to book a suite which has the nicest view. By getting to know about this preference, your online operators can recommend the suite in accordance with what he/she wants. It may be difficult to list such recommendations on your website because each customer will have a unique need. Hence, live chat can be used to tailor the response and make personalized suggestions to individual clients.

Compile Customer Feedback Easily

Gathering customer feedback is essential for any business especially for those in the hotel industry. Live chat can be used so that customers can rate the service experience and give their feedback to the hotel. It is a quick and efficient way for guests to give reviews and share suggestions about what your hotel can further do to make their stay with you more worthwhile.

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