How to Increase Conversion Rates using Customer Psychology

How to Increase Conversion Rates using Customer Psychology

Knowing how customers think and what they expect is vital for success in business. While every business strives to increase conversion rates, without understanding the mindset of customers, you can’t convince them into buying from you. Instead of using conventional marketing methods to get noticed, use customer psychology to stir the interest of your prospects. Understanding psychology of customers gives marketers valuable insight into their emotions and behavior which can be utilized to design campaigns to compel them. Customers like to buy from brands that they feel an association with, so in order to make your potential buyers embrace your brand, make them feel connected. Have a look at some tips on using customer psychology for increasing conversion rates!

Customers Prefer Personalized Products/Service

Customers like individual attention and a personal touch to the service they receive. So if you want to convert your prospects into customers, give them a personalized experience. Right from the moment they land on your website or step into your store, give every individual visitor undivided attention, talk about his/her preferences and put in every effort to offer personalized service. Even if a prospect leaves without buying anything, initiate communication within a week of visit and ask them for feedback. Personalize your customer support to engage more prospects and convert them into customers.

Use Content that Educates Customers

Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to grab the attention of potential customers and to influence their buying decision. However, you need to use content that is informative to get your product/service noticed. The human mind wants answers to questions. So you need to devise your content strategy in a way that the content you share with your prospects addresses all their questions. People like to read content that is simple yet unique and interesting. If you want your marketing content to be appealing, make it catchy, easy to comprehend and informative for your target audience.

Provide a Solution through Call to Action

The human mind is likely to block out a message if it’s not substantial. In marketing messages “call to action” needs to be clear and should offer a specific solution to an issue, otherwise people will ignore it. A call to action designed keeping in view customer mindset and followed up with proper and detailed information is likely to increase conversion rates. For instance, if you have a vacation planner website, a call to action that gives visitors their desired information like “Pick your dream vacation” followed with categories “Family”, “Adventurous” etc. is not likely to get ignored.

Offering Varying Price Options helps buyers Compare and Choose

Customers like to get value for their money and time. One of the ways you can compel potential buyers into purchasing your products/service is offering them varying price options. This will help them compare benefits they are getting within a specific price option and hence making a choice would be easier. It will also help you bundle up products, hence you can cross sell and upsell. For instance, if you have a furniture store, you can give buyers three price options for a Queen bed, one without the side tables, one with tables and the third with the custom option of getting box storage within the bed. This way customers can compare and choose the best one suiting their needs and budget.

Make Potential Buyers feel part of a Group or Community

People like to be part of a group or community. In order to engage your prospects and persuade them to buy from you, incentivize your offers in a way that they feel part of a group. For instance, if you sell a product/service telling your customers to be part of a community or group such as “be one of our 100 luckiest customers to get free subscription”, they would purchase it.

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