How to Promote your Business within a Small Budget

How to Promote your Business within a Small Budget

For small and startup businesses branding and marketing within a small budget often turns out to be a difficult task. However, it is a wrong notion to think that without expensive conventional approaches you cannot seek the attention of your customers. Catchy and innovative means of marketing, without spending too much money can help stir interest of your potential audience. Here are a few ideas to inspire you!

Use Attention-Grabbing Point of Sale Displays

For new businesses point of sale displays is a cost efficient marketing strategy that is likely to play a prime role in increasing sales. A well-designed POS display is likely to influence a walk-in customer’s buying decision, so you can incisively use it for customer conversion. Pay attention to the meticulous details like packaging of the products and layout of the display stand, you will be surprised at how you can sway customers through likable POS displays.

Find the Right Brand Advocates

You can get your brand endorsed by some of your loyal and enthusiastic customers. You do not necessarily need to have a celebrity as your brand advocate. Instead make your loyal customers as the voice of your brand; you can post their reviews and videos on social media to compel new customers. Having your customers as your brand advocates would benefit you in multiple ways; first they would spread positive word of mouth about your business in their social circle, secondly it would enhance your credibility among your customers.

Make your Logo Eye-Catchy and Memorable

Your business logo serves as an insignia of your company, so the more eye catchy and memorable it is, the more the chances of your customers remembering you. Utilize your creative skills and come up with a logo that is striking and truly defines your vision.

Utilize Innovative Communication Channels

The digital savvy customers of today prefer businesses that they can easily access on social media. So use these channels effectively for introducing your brand and connecting with potential buyers. It is important to frequently update your social media pages showcasing your latest products. Using Live Chat service on your business website is another effective tool that companies can make use of for not only connecting and communicating with their customers but also promoting their products.

Appealing Stickers, Posters and Streamers

Print marketing material is still impactful and cost effective; all it takes is developing catchy content and an interesting layout for your campaign. There are various kinds of stickers that can be used for promoting your brand and products. The most popular ones are car stickers and window stickers. Focus on catchy phrases and design of the stickers for more effective results. Posters and streamers can be created in a unique manner by using compelling taglines; you can attract a wider target audience through them.

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