Stop Losing Customers: 3 Ways to Ensure Customer Retention

Stop Losing Customers: 3 Ways to Ensure Customer Retention

Finding new customers is hard work and once those customers come onboard, a strategy needs to be followed which ensures their retention. There is no use of investing in acquiring customers if there is no concrete retention strategy in place. One of the best ways to engage and retain online customers is with the help of live chat for website. Integrating live chat within a website, business app or social media pages ensures representatives from a business engage in real time conversations with customers, answer all their queries and help them with whatever they are looking for. Here’s a look at some basic ways to ensure customer retention for your company.

Know Your Audience

Know your Customers

People tend to choose brands that meet their needs, provide great customer service, know them personally and understand their preference. When customers feel they are not being given due attention, they start looking for other companies to fulfill their needs. Customers are also more likely to stay loyal to a company if they find that they share the same values with the brand. Knowing what your customers want and value is the first step towards creating a strategy for creating brand loyalty. A simple strategy such as spending more time with your customers could do the trick. This will help strengthen customer-business relationship.

Surprise Them


Remember when your friends threw you a surprise birthday party and you ended up leaving them for new friends? Me neither. The truth is surprises make customers feel special and personalized service goes a long way in evoking feelings of loyalty towards brands. If you successfully win the hearts of customers in an irreplaceable manner, chances are that your customers won’t leave you. Surprising your customers doesn’t necessarily have to be a costly experience, instead, expressing your gratitude in upbeat and memorable ways is one way of winning their appreciation. Go old school and send a handwritten note to your customers; help them learn something new about their area of interest, of course related to your business; and WOW one customer and spread the word of amazing customer service of the day. Whatever strategy you decide to use, incorporating the added value of surprise and delight into your customer retention strategy will not only invoke emotional connections, but also create long term customer relationships and brand advocates.

Deal With the Pain Points

Deal with Pin Point

Your job doesn’t end by getting customers hooked to your brand. Even if your products are generally liked by them, there might still be certain issues they encounter. And if it continues to be a problem and cannot be ignored, it will eventually result in customers leaving your company for another. Locating these pain points might be difficult but they need to be dealt with, particularly before customers begin to consider switching to competitors. Regular follow ups can help monitor the way your products or service is being used by customers. Your attitude towards customer service and the way it is offered matters. The right attitude can go a long way in retaining clients, by spotting any probable issues early on, and resolving them before they become intolerable.

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