The Perfect Core Team for Your Startup

The Perfect Core Team for Your Startup

For every venture to succeed you need to make sure the foundations are intact and strong, upon which an empire is built. For your startup, that foundation is the core team. Without a sound, talented, and committed team, a business may never witness success. It is vital to be aware of the essential skills that are required by the people who make your core team.  Some people might be multi-talented and have diverse skills which make them an ideal fit for your business. Here are a few roles that need to be kept in mind when looking to create the perfect core team for your startup!


The importance of leadership in an organization cannot possibly be overemphasized. A person who constantly motivates everyone and ensures that they perform to the best of their ability to achieve organizational goals is fundamental. The leader takes charge and gives direction. Obviously, someone has to make decisions. There are misguided concepts and bad ideas that need to be killed. Keeping the team together, inducing the right amount of competition and deciding the benchmark for excellence that needs to be reached is the leader’s job. There needs to be a person in every organization that the team members can turn to for any help and rely on him/her for advice and encouragement.

The Technology Genius

Having a strong grip on technology is a prerequisite for a successful startup. Information technology (IT) has become an integral part of every business plan. From multinational corporations that maintain huge databases to small businesses, IT plays a fundamental role. It is essential for communication within the organization, making more sales, reaching out to your target audience, data management, and customer relationship management. For this, there has to be an IT genius in the core team who knows the latest technology trends, how to use them, and can also innovate to create better technologically inspired ideas for the startup.

The Creative One

Coming up with creative ideas is a core skill that can lead to success for startups. Innovation and creativity will help a business stand out and attract more customers. The artwork for your business can help in capturing the interest of your customers and can create a lasting impression on the audience. The creative manager in your team will help you in multiple ways being responsible for not only all creative operations but will also generate unique and interesting ideas from time to time.

The Finance Expert

Finance managers are the backbone of any organization. The person in charge should have the wisdom to ensure that funds are utilized in the most efficient manner. His/her actions directly impact the profitability, growth, and goodwill of the company. He is also responsible for coming up with efficient financial plans to achieve set goals. Without an efficient finance manager, proper allocation of funds will not be able to take place.

The Human Resource Manager

Building a great team of professionals and a functional organization is impossible without good human resources. Recruitment, creating a conducive work environment, and developing policies are all taken care of by the human resource department. Hence, a competent HR manager can help you put together a proficient core team. The HR manager would need to design criteria for recruitment. Employee satisfaction and retention lies in the hands of the HRM. Not having a good HR manager will eventually take a toll on the success curve of the company.

The Sales Mastermind

While every member of the organization and its core team is equally important, the person responsible for sales really matters. Without a smooth-talking, confident individual who is in constant contact with your customers and is driving sales, your team is incomplete. Without a sales mastermind in your core team, your business cannot survive for too long. Therefore, make sure you have a passionate, articulate, charming salesperson on your team who leads you to success.

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