Tips on Personalizing Your Online Marketing Campaign

Tips on Personalizing Your Online Marketing Campaign

Personalization is much more than just offering product recommendations according to customers’ preferences. It is about creating customer experiences based on their interests. A customer is likely to open an email that contains his/her favorite product being offered at a special discount. An online marketing campaign designed using visitor data would help you grab the attention of your target audience. However, the most essential factor for the success of a personalized marketing campaign is knowing the needs of your target audience and using the right channel. Customers like to buy from businesses who remember their preferred products, they pay attention to those marketing messages that appeal to them personally. According to stats collected by Janrain, “74% of online customers get frustrated with a website when content appears that has nothing to do with their interests.” In this digital age, the best way to pitch your products/service to customers is through personalized marketing. Have a look at some insightful tips for personalizing your online marketing campaign!

Collect Data from Different Sources

Visitor data is crucial for personalizing your marketing campaign. Instead of using just one source, collect data from multiple sources. For instance, the initial information about your visitors can be gathered from your traffic source, it is likely to give you demographic details about your target audience. Then you can track the visitor behavior by looking at the website pages that they have frequently visited, time spent on each page; this will give you an overview about what they need and like. Use search data to know what your customers are looking for. Onsite forms and live chat can be utilized to gain more insight into your customers’ interests.

Create Customer Profiles and Identify their Expectations

Once you have all the important information available about your website visitors, you can create customer profiles and identify their needs and expectations. This will help you modify the content of your marketing messages according to customer preferences. For instance, if you have two different kinds of customers, you cannot use similar content for both of them. So customer profiling is essential for understanding the personal interests of your customers.

Choose the Right Channels for your Marketing Messages

If you want your marketing messages to get noticed, you need to know which channels your target audience uses frequently. Whether your potential customers check their emails, social media or spend time in reading blogs, you should be familiar with their preferred channels in order to use your marketing messages at the right place. If for instance, one kind of customer prefers email, you can design personalized emails addressing them with their names and a message that has a call to action that appeals to their needs. Similarly, if you find that a category of customers spends a lot of time reading blogs, you can use personalized blogs to pitch products/services to them.

Use Personalized Content for Your Campaign

While designing a personalized marketing campaign, you need to make sure that the content has an informal tone, it should be short, catchy and worth noticing. Make your target audience feel you are talking to them. The words that you use in your marketing campaign would greatly impact your target audience so create marketing messages that are conversational, have positive connotation and gives customers an impression that you understand their needs.

Use Social Media and Mobile Apps to Create Appealing Offers

Social media gives you valuable information about your customers, and it can be used to personalize your marketing campaign. You can create engaging ads and posts for your customers on social media. Similarly, mobile apps can be used to create appealing offers for customers. For instance, an app that allows your customers to save products they like assigns them a personal profile with all their basic information and wish list, and gives them recommendations, feedback, and reviews from other customers would compel them to buy from you. Discover the realm of real-time customer engagement with our live chat demo, where features and benefits await your exploration.

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