LiveAdmins’ delivers Handover to streamline business opportunities

LiveAdmins’ delivers Handover to streamline business opportunities

May 20, 2016 – Chicago, IL: LiveAdmins, the pioneer of aiding online sales and live customer support for businesses, has introduced ‘Handover’, a groundbreaking solution which allows companies to earn more by streamlining their business opportunities.

Handover by LiveAdmins uses cutting edge technology that allows chat agents to quickly transfer hot leads to businesses after qualifying prospects. This is done in real time just by the click of one button in a chat window.

Brian Smith, General Manager Operations at LiveAdmins, says, “We are truly revolutionizing the way Live Chat assists businesses around the world. It is no more a simple operation rather it is a mix of robust systems, ultra-fast response times, superior technology and world class customer service. We were the pioneers in the Live Chat technology. We are now taking it a notch above the rest.”

In addition to providing business intelligence* reports, Handover by LiveAdmins helps businesses increase Marketing Return on Investment by decreasing costs of managing additional staff to pre-qualify business opportunities.

Handover is available for instant deployment. For more information, please visit It is the next big thing in Live Chat!

About LiveAdmins LLC

LiveAdmins is a leader in providing multilingual live chat solutions and services that enrich online visitor experience, customer satisfaction and the bottom line of businesses of all sizes. Our solutions are fully customizable, easy to set-up and always online, catering to over 10 industries across 8 time zones.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Brian Smith
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*In order to meet GDPR requirements, data subjects coming from European Union will not be able to enjoy services driven by LiveAdmins Visitor Behaviour Tracking and Business Intelligence.

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