LiveAdmins LLC Rolls Out Innovative Chat Software Features

LiveAdmins LLC Rolls Out Innovative Chat Software Features

Thursday, September 17, 2015 – Chicago, IL: LiveAdmins LLC, the leading global chat support and service provider has introduced several new features in the WebGreeter Live Chat Software (WGLCS) to enhance customer experience.

In addition to the improved and user friendly interface, the software now has several high-tech features such as Ghost Monitoring, Help Buzzer, Customer Rating Feature, Smart Form Integration and improved chat windows.

The Ghost Monitoring feature enables chat operators to see what the visitor is typing. This will improve the response time of customer support being provided. Similarly, the Help Buzzer enables chat operators to seek help from senior QC personnel whenever further assistance is required.

Speaking on this occasion, Brian Smith, Director Product Development for LiveAdmins LLC said, “I am very excited about everything our team has done with the new release. We’ve kept customer feedback and recent trends in mind while coming up with the new interface. We have introduced multiple new features that will improve client experience and the experience of their website visitors tremendously.”

New responsive chat windows have also been launched to improve mobile user experience. The chat windows will automatically adjust according to the device ensuring better experience to online customers on the go. That’s not all, customers now have the option to rate every chat as well.

The Smart Form Integration launched by LiveAdmins will automatically save valuable information such as visitor’s name, phone number and email address in the lead form that goes into the CRM.

About LiveAdmins LLC

LiveAdmins LLC is a globally managed live chat company which was founded in Chicago in 2002. The bespoke services provided by the company have helped businesses significantly increase sales and enhance online visitor experience. The company currently offers 24/7 proactive chat to businesses in Arabic, English, French and Spanish. LiveAdmins is a market leader in Live Chat with strategically located global web chat centres offering services across several industries including automobile, real estate, law firms, retail, telecom, insurance, hospitality, education, healthcare etc.

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