3 Essentials for Creating a Successful Brand Persona

3 Essentials for Creating a Successful Brand Persona

Brand personality includes characteristics with which consumers can identify a company. Naturally, just as people connect on a deeper level with other people with similar traits as their own, they also tend to connect well with brands with which they share a common trait. The persona of a brand helps in shaping customers’ sentiments for the company and also how they choose to interact with it. By creating a strong and unique identity, a company is more likely to be successful in differentiating itself from the competition.

Focus on Visual Elements

Everyone has a small attention span when it comes to advertisements as the brain works hard to block out irrelevant information. Therefore, if a company wants to be remembered and leave a lasting impression, it is important that this be carried out effectively via various catchy design elements, visual branding techniques, a unique logo, attractive colors, bold typography and such. A well thought out image can leave an impact on the emotions of customers, making them more attentive towards the brand.

In marketing psychology, different colors depict different emotions, making it imperative to choose the right color. For instance, yellow implies optimism, clarity and warmth. Similarly, blue is a favorite with companies who wish to convey they are dependable, trustworthy and reliable. Besides color, the text style is extremely important for visual remembrance. The text in which the brand name is written, must be clear, bold and easy to read. The logo itself is equally important and must be designed in a way that it gets easily imprinted in the minds of people.

Create a Unique Voice

Brand voice is the tone and language which defines the company and makes it relatable for consumers. The compelling use of brand voice via different media such as email, blogs, videos, website content will help in creating positive brand character which will eventually aid in client retention.

The brand voice will also be beneficial to break through the noise and make your company stand out. Your choice of words will be what your customers will relate to and remember you by. Make sure all your front-line staff members are trained to deliver the same message and tone on all mediums they communicate through, be it email, phone, social media, or live chat solutions. The voice of the brand should be reflected in every step of the customer journey starting from the values a customer associates to your brand name to the feelings they experience when they use your product/service.

Stay Consistent

Brand consistency relates to how all the above mentioned elements are coherent with one another and how the brand persona is viewed many years down the line. Every component of branding, brand voice and core values, the essence must remain consistent in all marketing campaigns. It is crucial to communicate with the same core identity consistently over the passage of time. This is important for creating familiarity for and with your consumers. Consistency also impacts customer loyalty for the company.

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