4 Ideas for Developing a Proactive Online Customer Support Strategy

4 Ideas for Developing a Proactive Online Customer Support Strategy

With the increasing number of stores offering online shopping to customers, a fundamental question which entrepreneurs need to ask themselves is: what does it take to win over customers who have exceedingly high standards and expectations? Always remember that one of the single most important factors which attracts customers to a brand is the ability to provide quality customer support. Creating and implementing a proactive customer support strategy will compel them to come back to you. For example, a customer who visits your website with a query would expect the availability of immediate answers or support and this could be a decisive factor. Hence, taking initiative to reach out to customers with proactive support will convey your responsiveness and interest in catering to their needs. In turn, this will improve sales and lead to customer retention. Here are some more tips to help you create a proactive customer support strategy.

Provide Instant Answers to Common Queries

The importance of having multiple customer support options can never be emphasized enough, given that customers who have questions or concerns may not always want to get answers via phone or email. Hence, you must provide them with a variety of options for finding the information they need. This could be through a detailed FAQ page on your website which lists common questions or via live chat solution. You can also go the extra mile by featuring articles that offer comprehensive guidance about frequently asked questions. This will save time for customers, enhancing the quality of your support services.

Stay in Touch With Customers At All Times

Running a successful online business means that you need to be prepared for all sorts of customer related challenges. Taking this into account, it is not uncommon for entrepreneurs to come across unforeseen circumstances in their everyday operations. For example, imagine a situation where restocking a product would require time and this may give customers a reason to abandon your website. Therefore, a proactive and well-rounded support strategy will require you to waste no time in reaching out to customers, notifying them and finding an immediate solution. Ensure that your customers are aware of who they could get in touch with if they have any additional queries or comments. Always remember to follow up with customers.

Keep Track of Customer Conversations on Online Platforms

Failing to keep a track of customer discussions about your brand, product or service on social media and online channels can be detrimental to business. Sometimes, dissatisfied or unhappy customers may share their experiences on social networking sites where other users and prospects may come across their posts. Establish a strong presence on these platforms and make sure that your support team shows dedication towards tirelessly responding to customer grievances and concerns. It will enable you to clarify potential misunderstandings and offer solutions tactfully. In this case, being able to come up with solutions even in worst-case scenarios will put your brand ahead of the competition and convince customers to give you repeat business. You can also host webinars to shed further light on topics related to customer support and establish your credibility as an expert in providing stellar services.

Invest in Specialized Support Training

Ultimately, creating and implementing a proactive support strategy will only be successful if you invest in specialized training for your staff. This is all the more important, keeping in mind that your employees represent your brand in their interactions with customers and their ability to offer quality support would create a positive lasting impression of your company. Hence, it is essential to provide the necessary training and guidelines to all those speaking and acting on behalf of your organization. Adding live chat software on your website and training employees to provide quality and uninterrupted 24/7 support would yield lucrative results for your business.

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